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Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering Technology Department

Warren L G Koontz (Professor and Program Chair)

Became a Life Senior Member of the IEEE on January 1, 2010.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Department

Dr. Scott J. Anson (Assistant Professor and Program Chair)

Published Article

Anson, Scott J., Dr. “Navigating the Process of Publishing a Journal.” Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Technology 3 (Sept. 2009)

Formal Presentations

“Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) Webinar: Focusing on Student Involvement.” 25 Feb. 2009 Web.

“Navigating the Process of Publishing a Journal Article.” Wallace Library, Publishing and Scholarship Support Center, RIT. 20 Oct. 2009.

“Advice for Authors of Journal Articles.” CAST Scholarship Brown Bag Session. 26 Oct. 2009.

Professional Service and Leadership

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Technology (JASET), Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Department of Civil Engineering Technology

Abdullah Faruque (Associate Professor)

Peer-Reviewed Journals

Faruque, M.A.A., B. Afzal, and R. Balachander. “Effect of Reynolds number, near-wall perturbation and turbulence.” Journal of Hydraulic Research 47.1 (2009): 66-81.

Faruque, M.A.A., J. Sui, and R. Balachander. “Local scour caused by submerged square jets under ice cover.” Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 135.4 (2009): 316-319.

Conference Proceedings

Faruque, M.A.A., et al. “Study on effect of seepage on rough open channel flow through proper orthogonal decomposition.” . The 2009 Joint ASCE-ASME-SES Conference on Mechanics and Materials, 2009, Blacksburg, VA. N.p.: n.p.,  2009. N. pag. Print.

Faruque, M.A.A., et al. “The effect of the presence of higher background turbulence on smooth open-channel flows.” Paper presented at 22nd Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics, May 31-June 4, 2009, Halifax, Canada. Print.


Twyla Cummings (Interim Associate Dean)

Published Articles

Cummings, T. “Evaluating the Viability and Usefulness of a Distribution Center for Print Service Providers. A Research Monograph of the Printing Industry Center at RIT .” (Nov. 2009)

Cummings, T., et al. “An examination of business and workflow models for U.S. newspapers. A Research Monograph of the Printing Industry Center at RIT, PICM.” (Jan. 2009)

Cummings, T. “A Newspaper Transformed- The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.”

In Personalization: Data Driven Print and Internet Communications
(2009): n. pag. Rpt. in . Ed. P. Scorce. Rochester: RIT Cary Graphic Arts
Press, 2009. 156-161. Print.

Engum, M., and T. Cummings. “Implementing Lean Manufacturing into Newspaper

Production Operations.” News and Tech (Mar. 2010): n. pag. Rpt. in . N.p.: n.p., n.d. N. pag. Print.


Announcement of the nominations for the 2010 Isaiah Thomas Award in Publishing. News & Events and Press release (September 14, 2009). Quoted.

Announcement of the P&L Lecture. News & Events and Press release (April 15, 2009). Quoted.

“RIT Program focuses on Multi-platforms.” Presstime Magazine (March, 2009). Quoted.

Formal Presentations

“Evaluating the Viability and Usefulness of a Distribution Center for Print Service Providers.” PIC Webinar. October 2, 2009. Presenter.

“Evaluating the Viability and Usefulness of a Distribution Center for Print Service Providers.” PIC Symposium. November 19, 2009. Presenter.

Professional Service and Leadership

Steering Committee member of the NAPL Board of Directors Mailing and Logistics Committee; term completed 09/09.

Steering Committee member and chair of the judging committee for Rochester Business Ethics Award – Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation.

Lecture Series

Ambor, Brian, Rudolph Pugliese and Patricia Albanese. “News Media Today: A look at Career Opportunities.” Paul and Louise Miller Lecture Series. Rochester, NY. April 15, 2009. Panel discussion.

Smith, Virgil. “Finding News Media Jobs When the Future of Media is Unknown.” Paul and Louise Miller Lecture Series. Rochester, NY. October 27, 2009. Lecture.

Creator and Moderator for the Paul and Louise Miller Lecture Series which is one of several initiatives that was introduced as part of the School of Print Media’s reengagement in the news publishing industry. This series was launched in April 2008 and is comprised of lectures on the current business, technology and audience trends in news publishing. For more information go to:

Faculty/Student Collaborations

Primary thesis advisor for a School of Print Media graduate student completing a thesis on lean manufacturing in newspaper operations.

Primary thesis advisor for a School of Print Media graduate student studying the impact of personalized communications on the 18-25 yr old demographic.

News Media Display designed and posted in Gannett (Spring 20083).


Honored as one of Rochester’s 175 “Empowered Women” in celebration of Rochester’s 175th anniversary. Sponsored by NANBPW (August, 2009).

Featured as one of Her Rochester’s “Woman to Watch” (November, 2009).


News Media initiative website concept developed, website designed and launched:

Developed Media Distribution Blog:

School of Photographic Arts and Sciences

Susan Lakin (Associate Professor)


Lishui International Photo Festival, Group Exhibition. Lishui, China

Channing Peake Gallery, Group Exhibition. Santa Barbara, CA

Indigo Art Gallery, Group Exhibition. Buffalo, NY

CEPA Gallery, Group Exhibition. Buffalo, NY

Working with Artists Gallery, Group Exhibition. Denver, CO


Center Awards Interactive Promo. Santa Fe, NM (2009)

In the Loupe: Photographic Resource Center at Boston University (2009)

Reviewed Exhibitions

Woodard, Josef. “Art Review: Links in the Chain.” Rev. of Susan Lakin. Santa Barbara News Press (Oct. 2009)

Dabkowski, Colin. “On the MARK.” Rev. of Susan Lakin. The Buffalo News (Oct. 2009)


Singular Image Award-Center. Santa Fe, NM

Exhibition Award-Cepa Gallery. Buffalo, NY

Graphic Design Department

Nancy A. Ciolek (Associate Professor)

Formal Presentation

Ciolek, Nancy A., Chris Jackson, and Carol Fillip. “Pros and Cons: Non-Profit Collaborations in the Design Curriculum.” National UCDA Design Education Summit: Design for the Common Good. Mobile, Alabama. 28-31 May 2009. Panel.

Panel Chair: Nancy A. Ciolek

Panelists: Chris Jackson, Carol Fillip

Lorrie Frear (Assistant Professor)

FEAD Grant Trip: February, 2009, Promotion of Place Projects.

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo: February, 2009, Invited Lecturer.

Carnegie Mellon University: May 2009, Invited Lecturer on Calligraphy.

Western New York Book Arts Collaborative: May 2009, Invitational Regional Exhibition of Book Arts Zeke Meets Streak.

Love Letters: August 2009, Lettering Installation at Grimes Glen Park, Naples, NY

Cleveland Public Library Eastman Reading Garden Design Competition: August 2009, Collaboration with Roberley Bell Reading with the Wind.

RIT College of Imaging Arts and Sciences Faculty Show: November 2009, Regional/Invitational/Group Exhibition Love Letters Photo of Installation.

Burchfield-Penny Art Center Museum Room Design: November 2009, Collaboration with Roberley Bell


DesignEd Asia, Hong Kong: December 2009: Abstract and Final Paper Accepted for Conference Collaborative Learning Experiences Using Digital Media for Communication between Universities.

ICERI 2009 International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Madrid, Spain: November 2009: Poster: When Convergent and Divergent Thinking Meet, written with Carol Fillip, Accepted for Conference.

Designing for Children Conference, Mumbai India: September 2009, Letterforms and Literacy, written with Carol Fillip, February 2009 Abstract Accepted for Conference

American Crafts Department

Andy Buck (Associate Professor)


Boxes and Their Makers, Messler Gallery, Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Rockport, ME

Early Spring Show, Pritam & Eames, East Hampton, NY

The Form Within, Pritam & Eames, East Hampton, NY

The Cedarhurst Wood Project, Mitchell Museum, Mt. Vernon, IL

60th Anniversary Exhibition, School for American Crafts, Bevier Gallery, Rochester, NY


Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, OR


500 Tables, Lark Books, Ashevill, NC

Masters of the Wooden Box, Fox Chapel Publishing, East Petersburg, PA

Foundations Department

Michaël Amy (Associate Professor of Art History)


Baum, Rachel, and Michaël Amy. Hiroshi Senju. Milan, Skira, 2009.

Published Articles

“Jan Fabre at the Louvre.” Sculpture, 28, 1, January–February 2009: 22–29.

“Folkery de Jong, Thousand Years Business as Usual.” Art China, 2–3, 2009: 60–65.

Essays in Exhibition Catalogues

“Testing the Limits.” Folkert de Jond, Circle of Trust, Selected Works 2001–2009, Amsterdam and Groningen, Black Cat Publishing and Groninger Museum, 2009, pp.84–88 (exhibition catalogue, Groninger Museum, October 10, 2009–April 11, 2010).

“Vadim Katznelson.” [San Fransisco], Blurb, 2009 (exhibition catalogue, Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York, December 17, 2009–January 23, 2010).

“Robert Sagerman.” Torino, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, 2009 (exhibition catalogue, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Torino, September 25, 2009–November 15, 2009).

“Body Tondi: Gwen Hardie.” [San Francisco], Blurb, 2009 (self-published by Gwen Hardie).


Buggenhout, Peter. “Seizing the Chaos of Life: A Conversation with Peter Buggenhout.” Interview by Michaël Amy. Sculpture, 28, 5, June 2009: 25–29 (cover story). Reprint: “De Chaos Van Het Leven Vatten: Een Gesprek Met Peter  Buggenhout.” Museum Doordacht 8 2009: 47–50.

Exhibition Reviews

“Johan Creten.” Sculpture, 28, 7, September 2009: 77–78.

“Berlinde de Bruyckere.” Sculpture, 28, 4, May 2009: 74–75.

“Vik Muniz.” Sculpture, 28, 2, March 2009: 72–73.

Formal Presentations

“Making Sense of Chaos: On the State of Contemporary Figurative Painting.” Visual Arts Department, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine. 12 November 2009.

Amy, Michaël, Mary Birminghman, and Robert Sagerman. “On and On: Inquiries into Indeterminacy.” Margaret Thatcher Projects. New York. 15 May 2009.

“From Dissertation to Article or Book.” Wallace Library, Rochester Institute of Technology. 16 April 2009.

Heidi Nickisher (Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History)

Formal Presentations

“Culturally in Bed and Embedded: Stories of How Red Becomes White.” College of Art Association, Los Angeles, CA. February 2009.

“Silver and the ‘White’ Gold: Currency and Commodity.” World History Association, Salem, MA. June 2009.

Sarah Thompson (Assistant Professor of Art History)

Completed Dissertation and earned a PhD, March 2009.

“Department Emeriti Award for Outstanding Dissertation for the Doctor of Philosophy in the History of Art and Architecture.” Awarded by the graduate department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. June 2009.

Presentation of New Research

“Image and Audience in the Portals of Notre-Dame and Saint-Basile d’Étampes.” Sewanee Medieval Colloquium, April 2009.

School of Photographic Arts and Sciences

Oscar Palacio (Assistant Professor)


2010 DeCordova Biennial, Lincoln, MA, Featured a selection of large-scale photographs from his History Revisited Series.

DeCordova Museum Biennial Exhibition Program: January 2010, Formal Presentation of Work.


RIT FEAD Grant, in support of photographic work.

Medical Illustration Department

Jim Perkins (Associate Professor)


Kumar, Vinay, Abul Abbas, and Nelson Fausto. Robbins and Cotran Pathological Basis of Disease. Illus. Jim Perkins. 9th ed. Elsevier, n.d. (Illustrated the last 3 editions.)

Chabner, Davi-Ellen. The Language of Medicine. Illus. Jim Perkins. 8th ed. Elsevier, n.d. (Illustrated the last 4 editions.)

Damjanov, Ivan. Pathology for the Health Professions. Illus. Jim Perkins. 4th ed. Elsevier, n.d. (Illustrated all 4 editions.)

Published Articles

Sanders, James. “Derotational Casting for Progressive Infantile Scoliosis.” Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics. Illus. Jim Perkins.

“Using Images to Explain Complex Medical Concepts.” Scholarship@RIT 2009.

Published Reviews

Rev. of Machinery of Life, by David Goodsell. Journal of Biocommunication 35.3.

Formal Presentations

“The Use of Color in Medical Illustration.” Inter-Society Color Council. RIT. June 2009.


Annual Salon of the Association of Medical Illustrators: Exhibited two works. One, Robbins and Cotran Pathological Basis of Disease, received an award of merit in the Illustrated Medical Book Category.

RIT School of Art/Design/Crafts Faculty Exhibition, Bevier Gallery: December 29, 2009–January 13, 2009. Featured.

Professional Service and Leadership

Vesalius Trust for Visual Communication in the Health Sciences, Elected President and has served on the board of trustees for the last 3 years.

Association of Medical Illustrators, Chairman of the Membership Committee and serves on the ad-hoc committee reviewing changes to the AMI bylaws.

Faculty/Student Collaborations

Involved in the Human Visualization Project

School of Print Media

Patricia Sorce (Administrative Chair)


Frey, F., Sorce, P., Garguilo, V., & Armendariz, C. “The Wired Workforce—Hiring Trends of the Printing Industry.” Visual Communications Journal 46.1 (2010): 21–26.

Personalization: Data-drived Print and Internet Communications. Rochester, NY: RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press, 2009.

School of Film and Animation

Adrianne Carageorge (Associate Professor)

Formal Presentations

Polish Film Festival. Rochester, NY. May 2009. Panel.

Reviewed the feature film “Drowsiness”.

Carageorge, Adrianne and Orwin, Naomi. “The Future of the Story.” Spectrum of Screen Stories: From the Traditional to the Cutting Edge. University Film and Video Association (August 2009).

Presented a formal to the juried feature film, “Zora’s Dream” by Andrew Millington of Howard University. University Film and Video Association (August 2009)

Service and Leadership

Has been a member of the University Film and Video Association (UFVA) for 20 years.

Elected Executive Vice President of UFVA. September 2009 – September 2010.

Director of the UFVA Scholardship/Grants Office. February 2009.

Also, serves as a finalist juror in the selection process deciding funding of undergraduate and graduate films and research.


Communications Department

Susan B. Barnes (Professor and Associate Director of the Lab for Social Computing)


Wilson Award, 2009–2010. New York State Communication Association


Barnes, Susan B., ed. Visual Impact: The Power of Visual Persuasion. Cresskill: Hampton Press, 2009.

Published Articles

“Relationship Networking: Society and Education.” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 14 (2009): 735–742.

S.B. Barnes and N.F. Hair. “From Banners to YouTube: Using the Rear-View Mirror to Look at the Future of Advertising.” International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising 5, 3 (2009): 223–239.

Rev. of Closed Captioning: Subtitling, Stenography, and the Digital Convergence of Text with Television, by Gregory J. Downey. Technology and Culture, April 2009: 469–471.

Conference Papers

Susan B. Barnes, Steven Jacobs, and Chris Egert. “Social Media Theory and Practice: Lessons Learned for a Pioneering Course.” ASEE/IEEE Frontiers Conference, San Antonio, Texas. October 18–21 2009. NSF Grant Dissemination.

Susan B. Barnes, Steven Jacobs, and Chris Egert. “When Worlds Collide.” The HCI Conference, San Diego. August 19 2009. NSF Grant Dissemination.

Susan B. Barnes, Steven Jacobs, and Chris Egert. “Informing Courseware Through Student Pregerences in Social Media.” The New Media Consortium Summer Conference, San Diego. June 9–13 2009. Winner of Judges Award.

Economics Department

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal (Arthur J. Gosnell Chair in Economics)

Published Articles

Batabyal, Amitrajeet A., and P. Nijkamp. “Two Aspects of waste Management from the Viewpoints of a Waste Generator and a Recipient.” Applied Economics Letter 16 (2009): 337–347.

“An Independence Result Concerning the Arrival rate of and the Provision of Transport to Tourists.” Economics Bulletin 29 (2009): 108–115.

“Scheduling Trips during the Slack Season: An Aspect of the Economics of Seasonal Tourism.” Tourism Economics 15 (2009): 261–266.

Batabyal, Amitrajeet A., and P. Nijkamp. “The Fallow and the Non-Fallow States in Swidden Agriculture: A Stochastic Analysis.” Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences 2 (2009) 45–51.

Batabyal, Amitrajeet A. and H. Beladi. “Trade, the Damage from Alien Species, and the Effects of Protectionism under Alternate Market Structures.” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 70 (2009) 389–401.

“A Note on Shared Transportation for Tourists with Special Reference to the Israeli Sherut.” International Journal of Tourism Research 11 (2009) 601–604.

Batabyal, Amitrajeet A. and C.D. Lominac. “An Approach to the Management of Orchards That Are Vulnerable to Attack by Invasive Species.” Letter in Spatial and Resource Sciences 2 (2009) 123–131.

“The Optimal Reservation Utility in Models of Decision Making in Arranged Marriages.” Applied Economics Letters 16 (2009) 1695–1698.

Batabyal, Amitrajeet A., and P. Nijkamp. “Sustainable Development and Regional Growth.” Handbook of Regional Growth and Development Theories. By Edward Elgar. Ed. R. Capello and P. Nijkamp. 2009.

“Push China on Labor Carefully.” Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Jan. 3 2009: 11A.

“'Buy American' Provisions Are Misguided.” Rochester Business Journal, Feb. 13 2009: 38.

“Chrysler, GM, and the Rights of Creditors.” Rochester Business Journal, June 12 2009: 38.

“Is Obama’s Compensation ‘Czar’ a Good Idea?” Rochester Business Journal 46, July 31 2009. Op-Ed Article.

“Will the U.S. Have to Raise Taxes?” Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 31A, December 13 2009. Op-Ed Article.

Published Reviews

Hydropower Economics, by F. R. Forsund. Interfaces 39, 2009: 92–93.

The New Asian Hemisphere, by K. Mahbubani. Curled Up With A Good Book 2009:

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