Cold Case Homicide wcso case # 03-034951

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Cold Case – Homicide

WCSO Case # 03-034951

On 07-09-2003 the Wake County Sheriff’s Office responded to 8399 Jenks Rd, Apex, NC in reference to the skeletal remains of a human body being located in the wooded area. The Medical Examiner estimated the time of death may have been up to one year prior to discovery.

In the months prior to the discovery of the remains, it had been determined there were approximately 60 five man crews in the area working to clear trees from wooded areas and to assist with the removal of downed trees from the ice storm during the previous winter. A resident from the area had reported previously seeing a VW style van and a work truck parked in the area several days in a row, as if living out of the van.

The remains are believed to be of a Caucasian Male, possibly of Hispanic descent, the age is estimated to be 30 to 50 years old, the height is estimated to be approximately 5’6”, and the weight is estimated to be 150 to 180 lbs.

Clothing found with the remains are: a tan in color “Fresno Sport” polo style shirt, black Levi jeans, brown with blue markings Lejanoeste western style snake skin cowboy type boots estimated to be size 10 ½ , a brown belt measuring 37” with a metal belt buckle, boxer style underwear with a waist measuring 26”, and a black sock.

Jewelry found with the remains: A 14k gold male ring, size 9 ½, with a black face and a gold religious type symbol in the center of the black face similar that of the Virgin Mary.

Anyone with information which may assist in this investigation is asked to contact the Wake County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at 919-856-6800.

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