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2015 Application

In Honor of

Stu Lambert, Barbara Potter & Milton Costa
These scholarships are intended to pay tribute to the memory of three individuals who spent their lifetime dedicated to the Hereford breed and the people who raise Hereford cattle. The goal of this scholarship program is to provide financial assistance for college bound students or students already enrolled in higher education who are majoring in the study of agriculture. You must be a current member of the California Nevada Junior Hereford Association.

LEGAL NAME___________________________________________

Name of School Last Attended_________________________________________________________
Name of College or University Where Currently Enrolled____________________________________
College Major_______________________________________________________________________
Overall Grade Point Average ___________________________________________________________
Please Answer the following questions in essay form.

You may attach as many additional sheets as necessary.

  1. List all activities participated in during high school to current date

  1. List number of years involved in CNJHA.

  1. List all Community Activities

  1. Provide a story of your breeding and showing career with Hereford cattle.

  1. Provide a statement of interest and ultimate goal for your major field of study.

  1. Submit 3 letters of recommendation

  1. Submit your most current school transcript.

I have read and complied with the rules of the scholarship application and hereby submit my application:

Applicant Signature Date

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