Clean Ads I/o conference Proposal

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Clean Ads I/O Conference Proposal
Re: Clean Ads I/O Attendance Proposal

I’m writing to request approval to attend AdExchanger’s Clean Ads I/O conference taking place May 24th in New York. Clean Ads I/O provides a unique opportunity for all the members of the advertising technology ecosystem to exchange actionable ideas for making digital advertising cleaner, safer, better --- and more effective.

For brand marketers: Clean Ads I/O represents a unique opportunity to learn from my peers as well as reach “across the aisle” to our sell side and technology partners, learn what they see, share our views and consider the solutions ahead. The most important way to combat ad fraud, for example, is to understand how it works. By attending Clean Ads I/O, I will be better informed and learn what to demand in terms of security and transparency from publishers and technology vendors.
For publishers: As a publisher, we have a unique touch-point to the consumer, and it’s our job to protect not only them, but also the brands that are driving revenue through us. Privacy, viewability, ad blocking – all of these and more are in the mix. Clean Ads I/O will provide an understanding of the latest trends and solutions, and provide us with the opportunity to connect to the buy-side and vendor community.
For technology providers: Bringing our technology expertise to the world of big data and advertising is critical. We want to protect the brands that trust us to deliver their campaigns and drive yield for publishers who create the great content we all depend on. Our company can play a key role in helping our customers create and deliver effective advertising at scale. By attending Clean Ads I/O, I will gain a better understanding of how the latest technologies are working for clients and the consumer, and inspire the roadmap for future innovation.
Hundreds of ad tech industry leaders will be at this unique one-day conference. Our company should be well represented there.
Here’s an approximate breakdown of conference costs (breakfast and lunch are provided):
Airfare: $ xxx.

Transportation (between airport and hotel): $ xx.

Hotel: (x nights at $xxx) $ xxx

Meals: $ xxx.

Registration Fee: $ 1195
Total: $ X,XXX
This event will sell out, so its important that I register quickly. I will submit a post-conference report that will include major takeaways and the new ideas I got and I can share relevant information with co-workers throughout the company.
Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.

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