Clayton County Public Schools The Hoover Dam

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Clayton County Public Schools

The Hoover Dam

6th Period

Erin Guice


The Hoover Dam’s length is 726.4ft and the height 726’. The Hoover Dam construction time was 1931. They finished building the Hoover Dam or the opening date was 1936. It cost $49 million ($833 million with inflation). The owner of the Hoover Dam would be The United States and the government.

The Hoover Dam was built because without suffering from floods. The war over water made it very clear to The United States government the Colorado River was part of the solution. The government pursued for the building project. Demanding only one company wasn’t capable. So the largest construction companies came together and they started in 1931. The Hoover Dam has four diversion tunnels that goes through the canyon walls. The cofferdams were designed to protect against the possibility of river flooding on site. There were also these people call high scalars who job was to remove loose rock by using jackhammers and dynamite. The grout curtain were hole driven into walls and the bases of the canyon. Concrete heats and contracts when it cures and the uneven cooling of concrete was a serious problem.

Finally, the people who did their hardest and who died from helping. 112 deaths happened with the construction on the Hoover Dam. Generation from generation had worked on the dam and some had died. Not a lot of official number of deaths that was recorded. Some deaths were covered up.

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