Classroom Rules and Expectations

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Mrs. Guthoff

Social Studies 8

Course Outline/Syllabus and Classroom Code of Conduct
Welcome young historians and parents/guardians to eighth grade American history. In order for our class to be the BEST it can be, I have a few VERY IMPORTANT rules and expectations.
Classroom Rules and Expectations

  1. Be Prompt-Come to class on time.

  2. Be Prepared-Come to class with all necessary materials.

  3. Be Polite-Act respectful towards everyone and their property in class.

  4. Be Positive-Come to class with the possibility of a positive attitude.

  5. P.S.-All Van Wyck School Rules and Code of Behavior apply in class.

Course Outline:

  1. Division and Reunion: The Civil War and Reconstruction-

  2. Industrial Development

  3. Immigration

  4. Reform and the Labor Movement

  5. United States Imperialism

  6. World War I: Causes and Effects, and Impact on the United States

  7. The Roaring Twenties and The Age of Intolerance

  8. The Great Depression and The New Deal

  9. World War II: Causes and Effects, Impact on the United States, and Impact on the World

  10. The Holocaust

  11. Post World War II: The U.S. as Leader of the Free World, The Cold War-Korea and Vietnam

  12. The Struggle for Civil Rights

  13. The Social and Technological Revolutions of the 60’s,70’s,80’s, and 90’s

  14. Post-Cold War Era: The US in an Interdependent Global Market

  15. The United States in the 21st Century

  16. Review for Eighth Grade Final Exam in American history.

I would like to be completed with #1-#4 in the first quarter which ends November 9, #5-#8 by the second quarter which ends February 1, #9-#12 by the third quarter which ends April 12, and #13-#16 by the beginning of June; the fourth quarter ends June 23.
Materials Needed:

    1. One Binder for Class Notes, Handouts, and Homework. Please do not use dividers as the course is taught by content not category.

    2. Two Black or Blue Pens and #2 Pencils

    3. Colored Pencils for map work throughout the year.

    4. Planner or Assignment book to write down HW from Board.

Grading Policy- Each Quarter: TOTAL POINTS SYSTEM:

Every assignment is based on points: Class work: 5-50 Points Essays: 100 Points

Homework: 5-50 Points Tests: 100 Points

Quizzes: 50-100 Points Research Project: 100 Points


Assignment CW#1 HW#1 CW#2 HW#2 CW#3 HW#3 Quiz#1 Quiz#2 Test#1 Total
Points you earn 5 20 20 0 15 15 70 45 85 275

Total Points Worth 15 25 25 25 20 20 100 50 100 380
Final Grade= POINTS EARNED (275) = 72 Average

Please Note that that the fourth quarter will have a research paper as part of the fourth quarter average. Also, there is a final exam for this course that has a DBQ Essay part that is typically given in May and a second part that has multiple choice questions given in June. The final exam is worth 20% of the final average.

Homework Policy:
Homework must be written out in complete sentences and must include a heading that contains the following information: your name, date, period of class, and assignment page and questions. Work done that does not follow directions will lose points. Unless a student is legally absent, late homework is NOT accepted, and students will receive 0 points. Every quarter, I allow one missed HW and this zero will not affect the quarterly average.

Teacher Contact:

  1. Before and after school, and during my prep period: Period 3 (9:39-10:19AM ) and lunch Period 4 (10:22AM-11:02AM)

  2. EMAIL:

We have read the classroom code of conduct with our child and we have explained the importance of respectful classroom behavior. We have also reviewed with our child the grading policy and the homework policy.


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