Classification: Transfer Effective Term: 201210 his 161 Modern Latin America Initiator

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Classification: Transfer Effective Term: 201210

HIS 161 Modern Latin America
Initiator: J. Wilson Credit Hours: 3.00

Campus: Downtown Lecture Periods: 3.00

Date: 8/15/2011 Lab Periods:

Survey of the history and people of Latin America from Independence to the present. Includes Post-Colonial consolidation, United States-Latin America relations, guerilla movements and reactions and Latin America today.

Recommendation: HIS 160, placement on Pima Community College assessment exams into REA 112 and into WRT 101.
Information: Course meets the AGEC Special Requirements of "I" (intensive Writing), "G" (Global Awareness) and "C" (Cultural Diversity), Students will have writing assignments that require college level skills, and writing quality will be graded.
Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Discuss the geography, politics, people, and culture of Latin American nations in the post-colonial context.

  2. Examine the political, economic, and social institutions of the early Twentieth Century in Latin America.

  3. Analyze US-Latin American relations including imperialism, communism, and gunboat diplomacy.

  4. Analyze Twentieth Century guerrilla movements and the reaction of governments and military.

  5. Discuss Latin America today including indigenous, political, economic, social events, and global issues.


  1. Post-Colonial Consolidation

    1. Geography

    2. Early Nation Building

    3. Neocolonialism

    4. Society(ies) , cultural, and intellectual life

    5. Race and ethnicity

    6. Brazil

  2. Early Twentieth Century

    1. Nationalism

    2. Rise of the military

    3. Modernization

    4. Economy

  3. United States-Latin American Relations

    1. Monroe doctrine

    2. Imperialism

    3. Good neighbor

    4. Communism

    5. Gunboat diplomacy

    6. Retreat

  4. Guerrilla Movements and Reaction

    1. Case studies of guerilla movements in Latin America

    2. Reaction of governments and military

    3. Dictatorships

    4. Human rights

  5. Latin America Today

    1. Democracy

    2. Economics

    3. Globalization

    4. Social issues

    5. Indigenismo

    6. Arts and culture

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