Classical Civilisation

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Classical Civilisation

The department follows the AQA specification for Classical Civilisation and currently offers the following options:


  • CIV 1 - A study of the growth of Athenian Democracy involving the texts – Aristotle’s ‘Athenian Constitution’; Aristophanes’’ Wasps’ and Pseudo Xenophon’s Athenian Constitution.

  • CIV 2 - A study of Homer’s Iliad


  • CIV 3 – A study of Greek Tragedy involving the texts – Sophocles’ ‘Oedipus the King’ and ‘Antigone’; Euripides’ ‘Medea’ and ‘Hippolytus’

  • CIV 4 – Socrates and Athens involving the texts – Plato’s’ The Last Days of Socrates’ and Aristophanes’ ‘Clouds’.

The Department has operated a highly successful tour of relevant sites in Greece for the past five years which has proved to be a valuable underpinning of classroom studies.

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