Class: American History

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Class: American History


Last Unit:

50s & Cold War

Current Unit:

Civil Rights Movement

Next Unit:

Kennedy & Johnson

The Big Idea: As America was being reawakened with change, Africans Americans, Women, and others who were oppressed fought harder than ever for their rights and equality as citizens of America.


Learning Activities

Essential Questions

M 3/23

What were the events before the Civil Rights movement that created an environment of inequality, and what were some early acts that motivated equality as well?

W 3/25

Who were some of the leaders/what were some of the events of the Civil Rights Movement? Which were successful?

M 3/30

  • Terms Due

  • Understanding the Movement

    • Selma video

    • “The Butler” SNCC Training video

What were some of the changes that America made in attempts to further equality for African-Americans?

W 4/1

Seeing the progress that the African Americans had made in America, what steps did women take to try to assure their own equality?

M 4/6

As citizens of America, Latin Americans fought just as hard for equality, what were some of those actions?

W 4/8

  • Test

  • Interactive Notebook Due!

    • Post-Civil Rights Reading

What was life like for those that were oppressed right after the Civil Rights movement?

Terms: Define in Notebook and Know for Quiz

Read Chs. 18 578-600





Martin Luther King Jr. 594

Malcom X 600

Cesar Chavez 693

Rosa Parks 585

Thurgood Marshall 583

George Wallace 663

Black Panthers 605

Betty Friedan 568


SNCC 590

SCLC 587

Birmingham 593

Little Rock 584

Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education 559

Montgomery Bus Boycott 586

Executive Order 9981*

Freedom Summer 600

24th Amendment 602

Civil Rights Act of 1964 596

Voting Rights Act 1965 602

March on Washington 594

AIM 695

Sit-Ins 589

Nonviolent Civil Disobedience 613

De jure segregation 580

De Facto segregation 580

Freedom Ride 591

National Organization of Women (NOW) 687

Title IX *

State Standards:

  • What were the most important choices made that advanced the United States towards greater equality? (Standard 1)

Under what circumstances, if any, is civil disobedience justified? (Standard 2)

In what ways were politics, economics, history, and geography obstacles to social change in the United States? (Standard 3)

What social, political and economic changes have occurred as a result of civil rights movements? (Standard 4)

What factors led to the rise of the environmental movement and how has it progressed? (Standard 5)

*Definition will be provided by Mr. Manbeck; G=Glossary, L=Lecture, R=Reading, I=Internet, D=Discussion, P=Pair Work, SC=Socratic Circle

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