Civil War Web Quest

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Civil War Web Quest
Use the following links to explore various battles of the Civil War. Complete your graphic organizer as you watch each video clip. If you are not able to complete a box on your graphic organizer from the video clip you observed, research the battle in your textbook.
Fort Sumter


First Battle of Bull Run


Monitor v Virginia


Seven Days Battle


Battle of Shiloh


Battle of New Orleans


Second Battle of Bull Run


Battle of Antietam


Battle of Fredericksburg


Battle of Chancellorsville


Battle of Gettysburg


Battle of Vicksburg


Sherman's March to the Sea


Siege of Petersburg


Surrender at Appomattox
Lincoln’s Assassination

Use the links below to complete the additional Civil War Web Quest activities
Civil War Interactive
54th Massachusetts Regiment
Emancipation Proclamation
Gettysburg Address
Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address
Grant’s Road to Success
Robert E. Lee
John Wilkes Booth – The Manhunt
10 Surprising Facts about the Civil War

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