Civil War Project due march 28, Monday, 2016

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Civil War Project

DUE March 28, Monday, 2016

For this project you will be given a menu of mini-projects to choose from. You are to pick the mini-projects that you feel that you would be most successful at. You will pick ONLY one Appetizer (75 points) and ONLY one Main Course (125 points) to reach your full 200 points. Your grade will reflect your time and effort put into each part of the project. Little effort…little grade

Appetizers- Knowledge and Comprehension (75 points) – Choose one:

  1. Make a cause and effect chart of at least 6 events that led to the Civil War and 9 during the Civil War, starting with the application of Missouri for statehood in 1819. Put the chart or organizer on a poster board.

  2. Draw a cartoon story about the events of the Civil War. You must have a minimum of 20 scenes with each being a different event or main person with details, color, accuracy, and neatness.

  3. Make a timeline poster of the events and battles of the Civil War from April 1861 to April 1865. Use different colors to indicate winners and draws of battles. For example, one color for Union wins, and one color for Confederate wins, and one color for a draw. You must have a minimum of 20 items on your poster.

  4. Write from both viewpoints for a debate on a controversial issue of the Civil War (issue of slavery, state’s rights, and Quaker’s exemption from fighting). Write a minimum of 1 page for each side of the debate for a total of 2 pages, font size 12, double spaced, 1 inch margin. You are to quote, give examples, and reference all material.

  5. Create a 3-d model of the Civil War (from Mississippi River to the Atlantic) and include 7 different battles. Must include the following: geographical landmarks, locations, dates, and winners of major battles, rose compass, and no smaller than a regular foam board. Must also include a summary of each battle with a minimum of 200 words each.

Main Course – Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation (125 points) – choose one:

  1. Create a playable Civil War board game that summarizes the causes and events of the entire Civil War. Must include the following: Board, container, all playing pieces, a beginning and an end, rules done in ink and neat, strategies, 30 cards with questions, answers to the questions, title on the board and container, and colorful.

  2. Create a scrapbook/journal from either a Confederate soldier or Union soldier. You will need to research a regiment to make it historically accurate. You are documenting your experience during all four years of the Civil War. You will need a cover page, 10 different events (1 from before the war and 1 after the end of the war), and a 150 word journal entry describing your experience. Each page must have the following if applicable: maps, dates, locations, drawings, and souvenir from your experience (be creative).

  3. Create a newspaper using publisher or Word and must be from either the Confederate or Union perspective. Must include the following: Two battles (250 words each), 1 important person – interview style (200 words), 1 political cartoon with editorial (150 words), 1 on-the-scene report of a battle in action (150 words), opinion poll, 2 advertisements, 2 quotes, 3 obituaries from battles, and MUST BE TYPED AND PRINTED.

  4. Create trading cards of political leaders and battles of the Civil War. You need at least 30 cards: 15 from each side (4 people, 8 battles/events, 1 quote, 2 your choice for each side). Cards must have a picture and label on the front with details on the back, colorful and neat. Minimum of 40 words per card.

  5. Create a Skit for a Dinner part for Abraham Lincoln. He is inviting people from both sides of the Civil War to resolve the Civil War right before the Battle of Antietam. Make sure you invite the following: leaders of the Civil War and other important people. You will need the narrator to lead into the story with character backgrounds and history background. Must be 3 pages typed (size 12 font, 1 inch margin, double spaced) with a cover page, 2 page dialogue, Civil War background (1/3 page), character backgrounds (1/2 page). Include a drawn seating chart with a short explanation of your seating arrangement.

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