Civil Rights iMovie Trailer

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Civil Rights iMovie Trailer

You will work with the same profiles that you read in class and choose one of them to produce an iMovie Trailer for. The purpose of a trailer is to get the viewer excited to see a movie. Your job will be to do the same. The challenge is the production of what to include and how to include it. You will have a limited amount of time to get your point across to the viewers.

You will incorporate both still images and video downloaded from You Tube. Some text will be needed to connect the moments but his is more of a visual representation. Each of you will create a production sheet based on the trailer called Narrative.

Length of clip

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As far as the creation of the iMovie….play around with it, very user friendly program. We will share them next week in class if you are willing. One important requirement…..YOUR name must be in the credits at the end!! When done you will be e-mailing the productions.

I am not going to create a rubric for this. It is going to be a pass fail…50 points or no points. I have included some links to help you find more information.

Emmett Till - 1
Medger Evers - 2
Jimmy Lee Jackson - 3

Viola Gregg Liuzzo - 4
Andrew Goodman - 5
James Chaney - 6

You will use all three of these guys.
Michael Schwerner - 7
Mack Charles Parker - 8
Martin Luther King Jr. - 9,_Jr.

Birmingham Four – 10

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