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June 9, 2008

Regular Meeting




JUNE 9, 2008

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Madison City Council was called to order by Mayor Thole on Monday, June 9, 2008, at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall. Councilmembers present were: Tim Volk, Mayor Greg Thole, Maynard Meyer, Paul Zahrbock, and Rick Gail. Also present were: City Manager Matt Skaret, City Attorney Rick Stulz, Public Works/Utilities Supt. Harold Hodge, and City Clerk Kathleen Weber.

Upon motion by Zahrbock and carried, the Agenda was approved as amended. Additions to the agenda include Madison Public Library update, Mueller Building demolition pay estimate,

June 23rd meeting time, and SWMAH Council contribution request. City Manager Skaret noted that Items 6A and 6B relating to the city audit will be deleted as the auditor was not able to present the audit report tonight. All agenda items are hereby placed on the table for discussion.


Upon motion by Meyer and carried, the minutes of May 27, 2008, meeting were approved as presented.


Mayor Thole noted that Kevin and Kiara Schroeder had requested a hearing before the City Council in regard to possible disconnection of utility service to their residence at Madison Bowl. Council noted that Schroeders were not in attendance at tonight’s meeting. City Manager Skaret indicated that utility service will be disconnected at Madison Bowl on Tuesday, June 10, 2008, if payment has not been received.

Upon motion by Volk and carried, the Consent Agenda was approved as presented. City Attorney Stulz informed Council that the EDA loan to Madison Bowl will be reduced to a judgment against the property by the end of June, 2008.
City Engineer Helstrom informed Council that Bolton & Menk is continuing work on the preliminary design for the Infrastructure Replacement Project. He noted that there is a drainage issue at Meadow Hills that will require cooperation with property owners to get an easement to direct drill so that storm water can get into the storm sewer. This matter will be investigated further and Council will be updated.
At this time, Kevin Tollefson of Fieldcrest Fertilizer approached Council to discuss water service issues affecting his business. Tollefson noted that he does need a dependable source of water and a hydrant for fire protection. He also noted that he needs a larger water service for soft water so that he can keep up with filling tanks for his customers in a timely manner at a competitive rate. Should the rate not be competitive with surrounding communities, his customers will go elsewhere to get their water.
Council discussed a temporary solution to the water issues at Fieldcrest Fertilizer for 2008 and 2009 until the Infrastructure Replacement Project is completed. It was suggested that a meter be installed on the hydrant near the fairgrounds entrance and a fire hose be run atop the ground. Mayor Thole requested that City Engineer Helstrom and City Manager Skaret get together with Kevin within the next couple days to investigate a temporary fix to the water situation.
Regarding Tollefson’s concern on proposed water rates, City Engineer Helstrom noted that the water service charge would be increased, but the water usage rates would be slightly decreased. Helstrom estimated that the end result should remain approximately the same as it is now.
City Engineer Helstrom presented Council with a sample Power Point Presentation that will be utilized for the Infrastructure Replacement Project Public Hearing to be held on June 23rd, 2008. The presentation will include project needs, proposed improvements, estimated costs, project funding, and proposed assessments.
City Engineer Helstrom updated Council on a meeting held with the MN Pollution Control Agency in regard to the City’s NPDES permit renewal for the water treatment plant. Helstrom noted that parts of the permit will be revised and that a toxicity test needs to be done by city staff. This test will be performed the end of June and a subsequent meeting will be held with MN Pollution Control.
City Engineer Helstrom informed Council that two quotes were received for structural engineer services in determining whether the estimated 7,000 lb. cupola could be supported by the City Hall building. Quotes received were as follows: Tibbits Engineering, P.A. of Glencoe, MN, in the amount of $1,350; and LS Engineers of LeSueur, MN, in the amount of $2,000. City Engineer Helstrom noted that the engineering firms did forewarn him that the City Hall building would most likely not support the cupola structure. Mayor Thole expressed his opinion that the City may as well not spend money on an engineering report that will most likely provide a negative response. Council noted that past minutes do reflect the fact that the cupola was never endorsed as a “city project”, and that Mr. Willand had permission to proceed with the project through private financing or fundraising. After further discussion, Council noted that Mr. Willand should be contacted regarding the fact that the cupola cannot be placed on the City Hall building due to structural issues.
Upon motion by Gail and carried, RESOLUTION 08-28 titled “Resolution establishing a cellular phone policy for city employees” was adopted. This policy would provide for parameters of city and personal cell phone use. It was noted that personal cell phones should not be used on city time; and, except for emergencies, city cell phones should not be used for personal or supplemental employment matters. A complete copy of Resolution 08-28 is contained in City Clerk’s Book #5.
Upon motion by Volk and carried, RESOLUTION 08-29 titled “Fund transfer from the Reserve Fund to the General Fund effective June 10, 2008” was adopted. This transfer is authorized for the purchase of the 2000 International Single Axle Truck (snow plow) from Lac qui Parle County. A complete copy of Resolution 08-29 is contained in City Clerk’s Book #5.
City Manager Skaret reminded Council that the State of Minnesota has changed the parameters of the CIP laws from spending requirements to kilowatt saving requirements. In order to meet the new standards, the City of Madison has joined together with Missouri River Energy Services and its customers to establish a cooperative program called Bright Energy Solutions. City staff has met with Joni Livingston of Missouri River Energy Services and recommends that the City participate in the following components of the program: Energy Star Products, Residential HVAC, Low Income Program, and Appliance Turn In Program. After further discussion, upon motion by Meyer and carried, Council approved participation in the above-listed components of the Bright Energy Solutions Program through Missouri River Energy Services.
At this time, Council acknowledged receipt of a letter from Dick Olson, Transit Manager of the Prairie Five Rides Program. Mr. Olson is requesting $5,000 from the City of Madison for 2009 operating funds and an additional $2,000 to go toward the purchase of buses. Mr. Olson has estimated that the 2008 fuel costs will exceed their budget by $18,000. Mayor Thole expressed his opinion that the Madison Rides Program is an excellent asset to the City. Upon motion by Thole and carried, Council authorized City Manager Matt Skaret to include $7,000 in the 2009 city budget for the Prairie Five Rides Program.
City Manager Skaret informed Council that he and Kathie Behrens, Madison Public Library Head Librarian, have been able to trim $3,300 in anticipated expenditures for 2009. They will continue to look for more ways to reduce the library budget.
Upon motion by Volk and carried, Council approved Pay Estimate #3 to Wollschlager Excavating in the amount of $5,715.00. Councilmember Gail questioned the fill used on the project. City Engineer Helstrom noted that he will check the specifications to verify that the project is completed properly. Council consensus was to approve Pay Estimate #3 contingent upon verification of correct fill being used.
Council was informed that a Change Order for approximately $1,700 may be needed for costs to cover fill at the Lac qui Parle County landfill. City Manager Skaret noted that there had been a misunderstanding in preparing the bid specifications. Lac qui Parle County will be sharing in the cost for the project, so City expense will amount to 50%.
Upon motion by Thole and carried, Council changed the start time of the June 23rd meeting to 5:00 p.m. due to the fact that the City Auditor will present the 2007 city audit; and that a public hearing in regard to the Infrastructure Replacement Project is also scheduled for that evening.
Mayor Thole requested clarification on Carolyn Drude’s involvement in the Infrastructure Replacement Project. Carolyn Drude represents Ehlers and Associates, the City’s Financial Advisor. It was noted that the City Council has not yet decided whether bonding on the open market or funding from the Minnesota Rural Water Association will be used for interim financing for the project. The services of Pettipiece & Associates have been retained, and they are working on a comparison of interim financing options for Council review. Council noted that the information provided by Carolyn Drude in regard to Chapter 429 financing and property tax rebates was very beneficial.
Regarding attendance at the June 23rd, 2008, public hearing; City Engineer Helstrom informed Council that Chuck Pettipiece of Pettipiece & Associates will be attending. He noted that the City may want to contact Carolyn Drude in regard to the fact that she is welcome to attend the public hearing, but that it is not required and was not requested by the City.
(Councilmember Meyer left the meeting at 6:55 p.m.)
Council noted that the first public hearing held in regard to the Infrastructure Replacement Project was a requirement of the USDA. The purpose of this public hearing is to inform Madison property owners that a portion of the improvement project will be assessed to each parcel. This public hearing is a requirement if Chapter 429 bond financing is utilized.

Upon motion by Zahrbock and carried, Council approved a request received from the Southwest MN Arts & Humanities Council for a $200 contribution for 2008.
Councilmember Zahrbock questioned the status of a meeting that was held with property owners along Highway 75 South regarding the need to clean up this area. City Attorney Stulz noted that Lac qui Parle County is presently looking at this issue as well, so the City should wait to see what the county decides to do. City Manager Skaret noted that possibly a Small Cities Grant could be applied for that could provide assistance in clean up costs. It was noted that this area is a detriment to the City’s appearance.
City Manager Skaret informed Council that he will be attending a League of Minnesota Cities Conference to be held in Rochester on June 11 – June 13, 2008.
City Manager Skaret informed Council that the General Government Committee will meet on Wednesday, June 18th, 2008, to discuss Police Union Contract renewal.


Upon motion by Volk and carried, Council approved disbursements for bills submitted between May 27th and June 9th, 2008. These disbursements include Klein Check Nos. 15019-15139. Councilmember Meyer abstained from the vote on payments to KLQP FM Radio in the amount of $55.00, and Councilmember Gail abstained from the vote on payments to The Western Guard in the amount of $539.88.

There being no further business, upon motion by Volk and carried, meeting adjourned at 7:08 p.m.


Greg Thole – Mayor


Kathleen Weber – City Clerk


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