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Heritage Studies 3 Chapter 2 Test

A. Match each term with the definition.

church leaders common people rich people

church leaders 1. belonged to the Roman Catholic Church (28)

common people 2. worked in shops and on farms (28)

rich people 3. did not need to work (28)

Lafayette Louis XVI Marie Antoinette George Washington

Louis XVI 4. king of France (25)

Marie Antoinette 5. queen of France (26)

George Washington 6. president of the United States (24)

Lafayette 7. Frenchman who had fought in the War for Independence (30)

Bastille Paris the Terror Versailles

Versailles 8. royal palace (35)

Bastille 9. French jail (26)

the Terror 10. the year everyone was afraid during the revolution (37)

Paris 11. capital of France (24)

A. Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen B. Declaration of Independence

B 12. stated that the American people should have rights (34)

A 13. stated that all French people should have the same rights (34)

B. Write true or false in the blank.

True 14. King Louis XVI spent more time hunting than caring for the French people. (25)

False 15. King Louis XVI felt sorry for the common people and gave them bread. (25)

True 16. The people feared the Bastille because it stood for the power that the king had over them. (26)

True 17. The common people smashed their way into the Bastille and freed the prisoners. (32)

False 18. Louis XVI ordered his soldiers to march to Paris; the soldiers fought bravely for the king. (33)

True 19. The common people were so hungry that some stole bread. (31)

False 20. The governor of the Bastille gave the people guns and cannons.(32)

C. Fill in the circle.

21. When Louis the XVI was king, the streets of Paris were full of ___. (25, 31)

O poor, hungry people

O happy, thankful people

22. The French government was made up of three parts: ___. (28)

O shopkeepers, farmers, and servants

O church leaders, rich people, and common people

23. The French common people ___. (34)

O put themselves in charge of the French government

O gave Louis XVI the right to rule as he pleased

24. The new French government was called ___. (34)

O the Assembly of the French People

O the National Assembly

25. The National Assembly ___. (34)

O wrote the Declaration of Independence

O wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

26. King Louis XVI was ___. (36)

O found guilty of being against the French Revolution

O willing to give up power to the revolutionists

27. The revolutionists ___. (38)

O wore red caps and red scarves

O wore yellow ribbons around their necks

28. America ___. (41) O joined the French Revolution

O did not join the French Revolution

29. Napoleon was the French hero ___. (42)

O that became the ruler of France

O that fought in the American Revolution

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