Chpt 5/6-american revolution test review

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  1. Women, much like men, are just as deserving of inalienable rights, remember this men, as you declare independence. John Adams’ wife would probably agree with the previous statement. What was her name?

  • Abigail Adams

  1. What are some reasons a colonist would be a loyalist?

  1. What are some reasons/characteristics of a colonist that is a patriot?

  1. What battle did Washington’s troops successfully execute a sneak attack and capture 900 British Hessian troops?

  • Trenton

  1. What military leader was arrogant and enjoyed the finer things in life, captured Fort Ticonderoga for the rebels, would eventually become a traitor and attempt to surrender West Point to the British?

  • Benedict Arnold

  1. When British General John Burgoyne said, “How I ask? How is it that my mighty forces should be defeated at Bennington? We are the professional army, they a militia. How is it we were defeated?” To whom was he referring?

  • Green Mountain Boys

  1. Following in the belief that a victory by the American rebels would weaken Great Britain, which two European powers sided with the rebels in the Revolutionary War?

  • France & Spain

  1. What does it mean if a country says it is neutral during a conflict?

  • they support neither side in the conflict.

  1. The British had captured Philadelphia in 1777 and winter was approaching, where did Washington and his troops spend the winter of 1777-1778 and describe the conditions?

  • Valley Forge

  • Troop morale goes down as soldiers are cold, hungry and injured.

  • Soldiers begin to desert the army.

  1. Which trio of men represented America at the signing of the Treaty of Paris of 1783?

  1. What American naval officer was known for raiding British ports? (Hint: the answer is on your notes from our important revolutionary people)

  • John Paul Jones

  1. Describe the significance of the Battle of Long Island.

  1. The surrender of which general marked the end of major fighting in the American Revolution and led to the end of the war?

  • Cornwallis

  1. What French navy commander was Washington on to assist at Yorktown?

  • Degrasse

  1. What is Guerilla Warfare?

  • hit-and-run tactic (meaning little war in Spanish); unconventional way of fighting

  1. Who was Nathan Hale and what quote is he famous for?

  1. Why would the capture of Philadelphia be considered a major victory for the British?

  • Philadelphia was where the Continental Congress met.

  1. Who wrote Common Sense and what was his purpose for writing it?

  • Thomas Paine

  • To motivate people to fight for independence from Great Britain

  1. True or False-Benjamin Franklin and William Franklin (Father and Son) were divided over the issue of American independence.

  • True

  1. What advantage did the American forces have over the German Hessians?

  • The Americans were fighting for their homeland and for freedom while the Hessians were mercenaries fighting for money.

  1. What were some outcomes of the Treaty of Paris 1783?

  • Forced England to recognize American Independence.

  • Ended the war between France, Spain, and England.

  • Set boundaries North, South & West in the colonies/U.S.

  1. What Virginia location did George Washington attack General Cornwallis and what was the outcome of this battle?

  1. What were some problems George Washington and his army faced during the winters?(Hint: British attacks was not a problem they faced)

  • Troop morale goes down as soldiers are cold, hungry and injured.

  • Soldiers begin to desert the army.

  1. Which battle was the turning point in the American Revolution and why?

  1. What was the final battle of the American Revolution?

  • Yorktown

  1. Who won the American Revolution?

  • Yorktown

  1. What date was the Declaration of Independence signed?

  • July 4, 1776

  1. What was the first battle of the American Revolution?

  • Lexington

  1. Which ally of the Americans helped them mostly by giving them money?

  • Spain

  1. What issue was a primary cause of the American Revolution? Hint: No taxation without representation!

  1. Who helped write the Declaration of Independence and negotiated The Treaty of Paris 1783?

  • John Adams

  1. What African-American fought at The Battle of Saratoga and was elected to public office?

  1. Who was the leader of the Sons of Liberty and participated in the Boston Tea Party?

  • Sam Adams

PAP ONLY- Be prepared to choose three important Revolutionary figures from a provided list and explain why each person you chose is worth remembering.

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