Chinese Revolution Resources

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Chinese Revolution Resources

Chinese Revolution



  • “Documenting China’sl Lost history of famine” (BBC)

  • Asia for Educators site from Columbia University

  • From People’s Daily (Party Paper) – “How China Proceeds with the task of Industrialization”

  • Sixteen points for the Cultural Revolution

  • Commonly read speeches ad writings of Mao

  • Quotations from Chairman Mao on being a communist

  • Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook, edited by Patricia Buckley Ebrey

  • Students Attack Against Teachers (University of Chicago)

  • China: the 1950s (Land Reform and Collectivization)


  • Chronology of PRC under Mao

Personal Stories

  • Cultural Revolution: Son’s guilt over the mother he sent to her death (The Guardian)

  • A Leader in Mao’s Cultural Revolution Faces His Past (New York Times)

  • China’s Red Guard’s Apologize (NPR);view=fulltext


  • China: A Century of Revolution (documentary)

  • Morning Sun (film and website with primary sources and data)


  • Recording the Untold Stories of China’s Great Famine (NPR) – featuring the Folk Memory Project

  • China’s Red Guard’s Apologize (NPR)

  • Rural Women and China’s Disappearing Collective Past (UCLA’s Center for Chinese Studies)

2D Art

  • Cultural Revolution (Propaganda images from University of Washington)

  • New Marriage Law of 1950

  • New Marriage Law

  • Cultural Revolution in Tibet


  • Dreams of Joy and Shanghai Girls, by Lisa See (fiction)

  • A Hundred Flowers by Gail Tsukiyama (fiction)

  • Wild Swans by Jung Chang (might be long for 9th graders, but still worth looking at)

  • Date Orchard by Hao Ran (most popular author in the PRC during the Cultural Revolution)


  • Songs of China’s Cultural Revolution (Wellesley College)

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