Chinese Lion Dance by Mike Anaya aps elementary Music Teacher

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Chinese Lion Dance by Mike Anaya

APS Elementary Music Teacher

For Grades K-3

Pre-activity directions:

Create flash cards with the following words:

Tip-Toe, Walk, Hop, Skip, Jump, and Stop

Teacher should listen to the music at least once to get familiar with it.

While listening, imagine students moving to the “Map” sections below.

Practice holding showing the flashcards as the music plays.

Activity with students:

As music plays, teacher will hold up flash cards at appropriate moments in the music.

Students listen to the music and use fingers (instead of body) to move to the music

Students then find their own space to stand in the room.

No music - Students practice the movements as teacher shows flash cards

Tip-Toe, Walk, Hop, Skip, Jump and Stop

Caution students to watch out as they move and not bump into others

With music - as music plays, teacher holds up the flash cards and students move

“Map” of Chinese Lion Dance

Section 1: (8 measures) Students Tip-Toe.

Section 2: (8 measures) Students Walk.

Section 3: (8 measures) Students Hop on one foot.

Section 4: (8 measures) Students Skip.

Section 5: (9 measures) Students Jump on two feet.

Section 6: (1 measure) Students Stop.

Section 7: (8 measures) Students Tip-Toe.

Section 8: (8 measures) Students Walk.

Section 9: (8 measures) Students Hop.

Section 10 (10 measures) Students Jump.

Section 11 Students Stop.

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