Chinese Dynasty Project – 100 point project grade – due date monday october 28th Objective

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World Cultures

Chinese Dynasty Project – 100 point project grade – DUE DATE MONDAY OCTOBER 28th
Objective: Your group will be assigned one of the Chinese Dynasties from the list below. Your group will be responsible for researching the political, economic and social aspects of the dynasties. Your final project will be a PowerPoint presentation informing your classmates of your assigned dynasty. In your groups you will need to decide who will be doing what aspects of the research and project.

  • Tang (618 - 906 C.E)

  • Song (906 - 1279 C.E)

  • Yuan (1279 - 1368 C.E)

  • Ming (1368 - 1644 C.E)

Economic Question:

In what ways did the dynasty innovate and change the economic systems of china?

Items to focus on:

- Explain the types of jobs people had

- Explain what goods people bought and sold

- Explain who they traded with and what products were most valuable

- Explain any innovations or technology they developed
Political Question:

In what ways did the dynasty expand or restore the powers of the government? In what ways did they govern China?

- Explain how the government functioned

- Explain who was in power and how they ruled

- Explain how the government helped the people

- Explain who made laws and how they were decided

Social Question:

In what ways did the dynasty order society? What were the cultural norms and products used during the dynasty's reign?

- Explain the social hierarchy

- Explain the roles of women and children

- Explain the idea of social mobility

- Explain any cultural achievements

History Question:

In what ways did your dynasty come into power? What did your dynasty contribute to Chinese and World History?

- What are the dates when your dynasty started?

- What parts of China did they control? (Provide a Map)

- Create a dynastic cycle of your dynasty (Who came before them? How did they take over? How did they fall from power? Who took them over?

- Did your dynasty have any famous figures or rulers? What made them special?

Each group member will have a job in the group, if you are found not doing your job, your grade will be lowered.
Guidelines for the PowerPoint

  • ALL group members must present

  • Presentation must be 7 – 10 minutes in length

  • Presentation must include slides for each of the following:

    • Cover Slide with group members name and dynasty being studied (1 slide)

    • One slide for History, Political, Economic, and Social Questions (4 slides)

    • One slide for Dynastic Cycle diagram (1 slide)

    • Slide for famous/important people (AT LEAST 1 slide)

    • One slide for Maps of the Dynasty (1 slide)

    • Slides for any historical artifacts from your dynasty (AT LEAST 1 slide)

    • 1 slide at the end for works cited with reliable sources

  • PowerPoint should not be all words. You may use notecards during your presentations, but you should not be reading directly off your slides

  • 5 – 7 word limit per bullet point

  • PowerPoint should be creative! Feel free to use different templates, backgrounds, animations, etc. The more you do the better your grade will be!

  • PowerPoint must be BOTH printed out and handed in to me on the due date even if you are not presenting that day.

  • PowerPoint must be emailed to me ( so I can project onto the SMARTboard

  • Technical problems will not be an excuse!

How to research properly

  • Go to and navigate to the high school website

  • Under “Departments” go to “Media Center”

  • On the left there will be links to the various databases that MTHS library has to offer.


Login: montvillehs

Password: grolier


Password: mont_long

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