China: The Ming Dynasty- due Dec. 11th

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China: The Ming Dynasty- Due Dec. 11th
In this activity, you will investigate life in China during the rule of the Ming Dynasty. Students will interpret information about the geography, beliefs, and achievements of the Ming in China around 1500.

Answer ALL the questions in this packet in your Social Studies Notebook. You MUST use complete sentences.

As you proceed through this activity you will be finding out about the life of people that lived during the rule of the Ming dynasty in China. There are 3 main questions you will be trying to answer about the Ming:

  1. Where did they live?

    1. Map of China

    2. Forbidden City and Great Wall

  1. What did they believe?

    1. Philosophies in China

    2. Mandate of Heaven and Dynastic Cycles

  1. What did they do?


A. China’s Geography

Using the map, answer the questions below.

1 What do the different shades (which are really colors) on the map represent You can see this map in color on Mrs. Molina’s Social Studies page?

2. What part of China has the lowest elevation? What part of China has the highest elevation?

3. What natural barriers serve as China's boarders (list 3)? (Hint: look for names of rivers, mountains, seas, oceans)

4. Describe where Beijing is located.

5. If you were living in China in 1500, where do you think you would want to live? Explain your answer.


A. The Forbidden City and the Great Wall

Use the following websites & general websearching to answer the following questions:

  1. Why was the Forbidden City built?

  1. How did the Mongols treat the Chinese

  1. What do you find most interesting about the Forbidden City?

  1. Why was the Great Wall of China built?

  1. How did the Ming Dynasty feel about the Mongols?

  1. What do you find most interesting about the Great Wall of China?

  1. How did the Manchu people bring about the end of the Ming Dynasty?


A. Philosophies in China

Use the websites below to complete this chart:

Name of Philosophy


2 facts about the life of the founder

Main ideas or beliefs of philosophy (include at least 3)

1 other piece of relevant information






Which one of the above philosophies do you agree with the most? Explain why.

B. Mandate of Heaven and the Dynastic Cycle

Mandate of Heaven-


he Chinese believed that heaven gave the leader the mandate, or right, to rule. The people must respect that mandate and owed complete loyalty and obedience to the leader. In exchange for this loyalty, the people had the right to expect good leadership. If there were problems in the dynasty (war, famine, floods, drought) this was a sign that the ruler had lost the Mandate of Heaven. The Mandate of Heaven helped explain the Dynastic cycle which is explained below.


Example from Ming Dynasty (Provide Dates if Possible)

Dynasty is founded by a powerful leader

Period of great power and prosperity

Period of Decline

Period of Rebellion, dynasty overthrown

Using your textbook or Internet, complete the following chart regarding the dynastic cycle.

Use the following websites to answer the questions:

1. During which years did the Ming Dynasty rule China?

2. Which 'School of Thought' or philosophy from the chart above did the founder of Ming China (the Hongwu Emperor) believe in?

3. How did one advance in government during the rule of the Hongwu emperor?

4. Who was Zheng He and what did he do?

5. Why did the Ming stop exploring other parts of the world by the early 1430's?

6. Why is this halt in exploration significant in Chinese history (what does it signal the start of?)

7. What factors led to the fall of the Ming dynasty?

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