Chief Massasoit considered himself to be a friend to the English

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King Philip’s War

READ pages 84 (land greed) thru 87 (war)

- In 1620 when the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth, the chief of the Wampanoag was Chief Massasoit.

- Chief Massasoit considered himself to be a friend to the English settlers.

- Wampanoag were peaceful people who hunted, fished, farmed, and enjoyed helping their new neighbors, the English.

- This friendly relationship lasted for more than 50 years.
- All good things must come to an end!!

- Chief Massasoit had two “troubled” sons. Wamsutta and Metacom.

- Massasoit was so friendly with the English that he encouraged his sons to be called by “English” names. Wamsutta was called Alexander, and Metacom was called Philip.

- When Massasoit dies, Wamsutta-Alexander becomes ruler of the Wampanoag; some of the English fear him and try to bully him. It is during this time that Wamsutta-Alexander dies.(not killed by the English, just bad timing).

- Metacom-Philip does not see it this way and blames the English for his brother’s death.

- Fueled by hatred, shrinking lands, and mockery (English started to call him “King Philip) a war breaks out.

- The war lasts two years (1675-1676)

- 600 colonists and 300 Indians lost their lives.

- 50 of the 90 English settlements that were spread out over New England were attacked by “King Philip”. Many were destroyed and the lands surrounding the villages were trampled, and made un-farmable.

- Metacom was eventually cornered in a swap and killed. His head was cut off and hung from the walls of Fort Plymouth for more than 25yrs.

- This altercation ends the peaceful relationship between natives and settlers.

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