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Christian Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

New York, New York

Dr. Charles Jennings, FIFireE, CFO, is a public safety academic, researcher, and consultant. He is Director of the Christian Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies (RaCERS) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where he is also Associate Professor in the Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management. He has taught at the College since 1997, serving from 2002–2008 as Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety for the City of White Plains, New York. He worked on issues of earthquake loss estimation and social and economic aspects of disaster in his graduate work in City and Regional Planning under Barclay G. Jones III at Cornell University.

Dr. Jennings has completed projects and contracts for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); New York City Office of Emergency Management; the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut-Rhode Island Regional Catastrophic Planning Team; and numerous local governments. He worked with FEMA Headquarters and Region II staff to develop the College’s graduate curriculum in Emergency Management in 2000, and recently completed development of additional courses to enable a full Master’s degree in Emergency Management, which is in the approval process.
Dr. Jennings publishes on emergency communications and policy and community risk, and he co-edited Managing Fire and Emergency Services, the standard text in the field. He has been involved in the investigation of major fires for the United States Fire Administration, including several significant high-rise incidents. Dr. Jennings is currently an alternate to the National Fire Protection Association’s High Rise Building Safety Advisory Committee. He was recognized in 2012 as a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers.

May 19, 2015

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