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Scientific, rational side of civilization -



- becomes increasingly wild, barbaric, cruel as novel progresses

- manipulates other boys


- Most symbolic character

- Naturally good character – sense of morality does not seem to have been imposed by society

Sadistic, cruel









-Castle Rock

- Clothing

- Fire – letting it go out in end

- Glasses- steals - Hair


-- Spears

- War paint

- Naval officer

- Lord of the Flies

- Beast – evil in all

- Rocks

- Conch – shatters it


- Civilization vs. Savagery/ Reason vs. instinct

- Man’s inhumanity toward man

- Id, ego, superego

- Humans have to work in concert to survive

-Intellectually, not physically fit – survival of fittest

- Nature of bullying

- Defect society back to defects human nature

- Man’s inhumanity toward man

- Loss of innocence

- Civilization vs. Savagery /Reason vs. Instinct

-Betrayal- of Ralph and Piggy’s group

- Greed root of all evil

- Id, ego, superego

- Humans have to work in concert to survive – prevents

- Nature of bullying

- Civilization vs. Savagery

- Man’s inhumanity towards man

Lord of the Flies Test Study Sheet



  • Bathing pools – w/ civilization they bathed, w/out it they do not

  • Beast- represents boys’ immaturity, also represents fear

  • Boat – symbol of being rescued

  • Clothing - symbolizes civilization – symbolizes savagery, anger, and chaos

  • Conch – symbolizes order and government

  • Castle Rock – Jack’s kingdom and end of reason. He thinks it is all play and a game- he is the feudal lord of the castle.

  • Fire – represents hope in beginning and in the end loss of hope and death

  • Glasses – in a gradual decline, the glasses being stolen are the end of civilization

  • Hair – shows pass of time and decline to savagery

  • Island – Island is microcosmwhat happens on island happens in a larger scale in the world

  • Latrines – go to bathroom all over island = man’s negative impact on natural world

  • Lord of the Flies – symbolizes loss of civilization - primordial instincts of power and cruelty that take control of Jack’s tribe

    • Beelzebub – LOTF in bible. The devil. Pig on stick called Lord of the Flies – symbol of presence of evil on the island

    • Pagan religion

  • Naval officer – emissary from adult world, voice of reason

    • Does not understand what is going on

    • Ironic he is saving them because there is no where to go with their life structure destroyed in nuclear war

    • Also ironic because what he is doing in the war is the same as they are doing on the island.

  • Pig – getting rid of last bit of civilization

  • Rocks – inanimate object used for destruction

  • Scar – where airplane falls, kills vegetation. Foreshadows what happens in end.

  • Shelters – end of civilization

  • War paint – barbaric, lose sense of self and who they are

  • Spears – more primitive than what is used in other places


  1. An attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature- according to Golding himself

    1. Evil is inside everyone – causes defects in society

    2. The moral is that the shape of society depends on the ethical nature of the individual. Ethics=system of beliefs/right or wrong/moral values

    3. Moral values of people make society what it is

    4. Golding is saying that human nature is selfish and self-centered

    5. Golding said that lurking beneath us is heart of darkness and doing what is best for us

    6. There is also human goodness that has been around just as long as evil – ex. Simon. His brutal murder indicates scarcity of good in world among abundance of evil.

  2. *Civilization vs. Savagery/Reason versus instinct = good vs evil

  3. Man’s inhumanity toward man/ Allegory for man’s destructive tendencies

  4. Loss of innocence

    1. Not just a game

    2. Allegorically in life you need to lose your innocence

  5. Betrayal

  6. Greed Root of all evil - tyrant and absolute power in individual

  7. Freudian – Id, ego, superego

  8. Humans have to work in concert to survive - Piggy wanted to, Jack prevented

  9. Piggy Intellectually, not physically fit

  10. Nature of bullying – Jack is the ultimate bully – to Piggy, Ralph, etc.

In LOTF see battle- Is there a need for civilization?

  • Jack and his boys example of how bad a man can be

  • Ralph and Piggy – try to create order

  • Book begins with well behaved group of prive school boys

  • A few weeks strips them naked of every aspect of civilization, revealing the true wild nature of human beings

  • The Lord of the Flies becomes a pagan ritual (pigs head) as they worship the beast

  • Democracy crumbled under barbarism

  • Story about fear of death and darkness in heart

  • One of themes = heart of darkness within all of us

  • Conflicts

    • Between reason and passion – in man motivation to value structure and reason but also freedom – push the envelope

    • Jack and Ralph – represent passion, will, reason, confidence – within every man they all have

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