Chapter 6 Study Guide

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Chapter 6 Study Guide

Define these words:

code of laws-

  1. Which empire conquered the Sumerians first? – The Akkadian Empire

  1. Which empire was the strongest empire? – The Assyrian Empire

  1. Which empire was in power the shortest? – The Neo-Babylonian Empire

  1. What was the greatest achievement of the Akkadian Empire?

The Akkadians were the world’s first empire.

  1. How did the Akkadian king Sargon keep cities from turning against him?
    Sargon used military strategies like tearing down conquered cities’ walls so they could not defend themselves without him.

  1. What are some things that the Akkadians and Babylonians took from the Sumerians?

The Akkadians and Babylonians borrowed the Sumerian system of irrigation, their cuneiform writing system, and their gods.

  1. Who was Hammurabi and why is he important?

Hammurabi was the King of the Babylonian Empire. He created the code of laws that gave a system of rules and punishments.

  1. What was different about the Babylonian social structure?

In the Babylonian Empire slaves could buy their freedom, women could own some property, rules and laws applied to all classes.

  1. What was the greatest achievement of the Babylonian Empire?

The Babylonians greatest achievement is their code of laws made by Hammurabi.

  1. Why were the Assyrians able to create an empire easily?

The Assyrians created new ways to fight and conquer their enemies.

  1. What are some new things the Assyrians invented to fight with?

The Assyrians invented battering rams, siege towers, siege wars, and iron weapons.

  1. What was the greatest achievement of the Assyrian Empire?

The Assyrians created a very large empire by using new military strategies and weapons.

  1. What was the Neo-Babylonian Empire?

The Neo-Babylonian Empire was the “New Babylonian Empire” that came after the Assyrians.

  1. Why was the location of Babylon important?

Since Babylon was located on a river it became very important for trade, which let it grow very rich and powerful.

  1. What was the greatest achievement of the Neo-Babylonian Empire?

The Neo-Babylonians created the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which was one of the ancient wonders of the world. They also brought back some of the achievements of the Babylonians.

  1. Which civilization ruled in which time slot?

2350 - 2124 BCE


  • Akkadian Empire

2000 - 1170 BCE


  • Babylonian Empire

1350 - 612 BCE


  • Assyrian Empire

612 - 539 BCE


  • Neo-Babylonian Empire

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