Chapter 6 Review with Answers What year did the British surrender at Yorktown ?

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Chapter 6 Review with Answers
1. What year did the British surrender at Yorktown ? 1781
2. The most important result of the Battle of Saratoga was that…

France officially recognized and formed an alliance with the U.S. government

3. Make a list describing the Radical Revolutionary Thomas Paine…

  1. immigrated to North America

  2. became a Revolutionary writer and philosopher

  3. wrote the influential pamphlet “Common Sense”

  4. wrote a series of essays titled Crisis

4. Benjamin Franklin convinced which country to lend military support to GW ?

5. Define ‘patriot’…

Colonists who supported the fight for American independence
6. Define ‘unalienable right’… ( also natural right or moral right )

right that cannot be taken away without due process

7. Why do you think the Bonhomme Richard was victorious over the Serapis ?

John Paul Jones refused to give up

8. What was an important effect of Common Sense…

persuaded ordinary people to support independence from Britain

9. What was the name of the winter camp for Washington’s Continental Army ?

Valley Forge

10. How was the British defeated by the Americans and French at the Battle of Yorktown ?

Washington surrounded and trapped Cornwallis in Virginia

11. List three (3) terms of the Treaty of Paris between the U.S. and Britain ?
1. British recognized the US as an independent nation

2. the US territory extended from Atlantic Ocean to Mississippi River

3. Americans agreed to pay Loyalists for property they lost in the war

12. What step did Congress take to try to achieve to peace with Britain ?

sent the Olive Branch Petition to King George III declaring loyalty

13. Name three (3) factors that helped the Americans win the war against Britain ?
1. Washington’s military strategy and leadership

2. Foreign aid from Spain and France

3. Cornwallis’ mistake to retreat to the Yorktown peninsula

14. List three (3) advantages the patriots had over the British when they entered the War ?
1. fought on home ground

2. owned rifles and they were good marksmen

3. committed to defend their homes and property
15. List three (3) advantages the British had over the Patriots when they entered the War ?
1. very large navy

2. large numbers of troops

3. highly trained troops
16. Who was given ‘credit’ as the writer of the Declaration of Independence ?

Thomas Jefferson

17. What two (2) final steps did Congress take to declare independence ?

1. wrote a formal Declaration of Independence

2. Congress adopted (voted and approved) and signed it
18. What battles were fought in New York and New Jersey ?

New York - Long Island

New Jersey - Trenton
19. Make a list of things that Ethan Allen is known for…
1. leading the attack on Fort Ticonderoga

2. leader of the Green Mountain Boys

3. called the British General a ‘Fat Old Rat’
20. What are the three (3) main ideas of the Declaration of Independence ?
1. British Wrongs

2. Natural Rights

3. Independence
21. Find three (3) reasons why the Battle of Saratoga marked a turning point in the war ?
1. boosted American morale due to the victory

2. convinced France to become an ally

3. ended British threat to New England

22. What three (3) choices did the African Americans have during the American Revolution ?
1. join the British army or navy

2. work on a Patriot plantation

3. join the American army
23. These famous words were said by whom ?

I only regret that I have but 1 life to lose for my country” ? Nathan Hale

24. List the ‘correct order’ of the following battles in the Revolutionary War…

Saratoga, Yorktown, and Bunker Hill

1st - Bunker Hill Turning Point - Saratoga Final - Yorktown

25. List some of the roles women played in the war ?
1. planted and harvested crops 2. cooked and washed clothes

3. made shoes 4. wove cloth for uniforms and blankets

5. served at the battle grounds 6. shot cannons

26. Which fort did the ‘Green Mountain Boys’ lead a surprise attack and which gained them valuable gunpowder and cannons ? Fort Ticonderoga

Write the Important ‘Event’ that corresponds to the correct ‘Description’ below:

27. marked the beginning of representative government in the English colonies

House of Burgesses (HOB)

28. permanent English settlement

Jamestown, Virginia

29. British document that stated citizens have basic rights and monarchs have to obey the law

Magna Carta

30. plan of government in Puritan colony which expanded idea of representative government

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (FOC)

31. agreement by Pilgrims for ruling Plymouth to ensure the general good of colony

Mayflower Compact

32. Put the list below in correct chronological order... Add the Year.

Magna Carta Fundamental Orders of Connecticut ( FOC )

Mayflower Compact House of Burgesses ( HOB )

Declaration of Independence

Event Year

1. Magna Carta


2. House of Burgesses ( HOB )


3. Mayflower Compact


4. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut ( FOC )


5. Declaration of Independence


33. Which colonies’ economy was based on rice, indigo and tobacco plantations ?

Southern Colonies

34. Which colonies’ economy was based on farming, ranching and skilled artisans/crafts ?
Middle Colonies
35. Which colonies’ economy was based on whaling, shipbuilding and sawmill ports ?

New England Colonies

A. Patriots B. radical C. traitor D. Loyalists E. guerrilla
1. soldier that uses hit-and-run tactics (E)

2. person who wants to make drastic changes in society (B)

3. colonist who favored war against Britain (A)

4. colonist who remained loyal to Britain (D)

5. person who betrays his or her country (C)

A. Battle of Bunker Hill B. Battle of Yorktown C. Battle of Saratoga D. Battle of Long Island E. Battle of Trenton
6. 1st major battle of the American Revolution (A)

7. New York battle that killed/wounded more than 1,400 Americans (D)

8. New Jersey battle where George Washington’s troops capture a Hessian

encampment in a surprise attack (E)

9. American victory; turning point in war; convinced France to be an ally (C)

10. Virginia battle, the final battle in the Revolution (B)


A. mercenaries B. ally C. blockade D. ratify E. siege
11. military blockade of an enemy town or position to force surrender (E)

12. shutting of a port to keep people or supplies from moving in or out (C)

13. one who fights merely for pay, often for a foreign country (A)

14. nation that works with another nation for a common purpose (B)

15. to approve (D)


A. natural rights B. Common Sense C. preamble

D. Continental Army E. Declaration of Independence

16. introduction to a declaration, constitution, or other official document (C)

17. rights that belong to all people from birth (A)

18. army established by the second continental congress to fight the British (D)

19. an essay published in 1776 by Thomas Paine that urged the colonies to declare

Independence (B)

20. document stating that 13 English colonies were a free and independent nation (E)


A. Treaty of Paris B. Valley Forge C. Battle of Cowpens

D. Olive Branch Petition E. Green Mountain Boy
21. surprise attack on Fort Ticonderoga which gave the Americans control of a key

route into Canada (E)

22. Pennsylvania site of Washington’s Continental Army encampment during the

winter of 1777-1778 (B)

23. a ‘tricky’ battle in South Carolina, Americans won (C)

24. peace treaty between the United States and Britain, ratified in 1783, that

recognized the U.S. as an Independent Country (A)

25. peace petition sent to King George by colonial delegates declaring their loyalty to the King and asking him to repeal the Intolerable Acts (D)

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