Chapter 4: Egypt Test Name: Total: /75 Vocabulary and Matching: (1pt)

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Chapter 4: Egypt Test

Name: __________________________________ Total: _______/75
Vocabulary and Matching: (1pt)
______ 1.) The single god worshiped in religion by Amenhotep IV

______ 2.)The God of the harvest and eternal life who ruled the underworld

______ 3.)The name of the book that held Egyptian spells

______ 4.)The thin paper made from reeds

______ 5.)The stone coffin a wooden coffin is placed in.

______ 6.)The name given to Egyptian Kings

______ 7.)Egyptian hero who defeated the Hyksos

______ 8.)The young pharaoh who ruled for 9 years.

______ 9.)Goddess who, with her husband ruled over the land of the dead.

______10.)Most powerful god worshiped during the New Kingdom period.

______11.)Name of the jars that held the embalmed organs

______12.)The name of the machine used to lift water out of the Nile

______13.)The name of the chemical used to preserve the body of a mummy

______14.)Ruler who united Upper and Lower Egypt

______15.)Pharaoh who encouraged trade during her reign in the New Kingdom


______16.) Name taken by Amenhotep IV

______17.)The material used to make Egyptian homes and other buildings

______18.)These monuments were made out of granite and adorned with hieroglyphs
a. Book of the Dead b. Pharoahs c. Osiris

d. Shadoof e. Isis f. Aton

g. Ahmose h. Amon-Re i. Canopic

j. sarcophagus k. papyrus l. King Tutankhamen

m. natron n. Hatshepsut o. Narmer (Menes)

p. Akhenaton q. obelisks r. mudbricks

Multiple Choice: (2 pts)

_______20. Which of the following was NOT a benefit the Egyptians gained from the

Nile River?

  1. Traders’ ships could travel far into the center of Africa

  2. The river’s yearly floods left rich soil on the riverbanks.

  3. Cataracts on the river stopped invaders from traveling upriver.

  4. River water was used for irrigation in the dry season.

______21.Some lasting contributions of the Egyptians were in

  1. cuneiform writing

  2. working with iron

  3. mathematics and medicine

  4. government and lawmaking

_______24. During what kingdom did the pharaohs loose some power and government

Officials take control over Egypt?

  1. Old Kingdom

  2. Middle Kingdom

  3. New Kingdom

  4. Pre-Dynasty

Short Answer: (3 pts)

27. Describe the significance of pyramids. Use two or more supportive details. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

28. In two or three sentences, describe the mummification process. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

29.) In a few sentences describe how to play the game Senet. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Essay: (5 pts)

On a separate sheet of paper answer TWO of the following the following questions.

30. In a paragraph or more please explain the significant contributions made by the Egyptians especially to our civilization. Include in your paragraph at least 3 supportive details and include your connections to our culture.

31. In a paragraph, drawing, or format of your choice please compare and contrast Mesopotamia and Egypt.

32. In a paragraph answer the following question with complete sentences. Why do

you think the Egyptian civilization lasted longer than those in Mesopotamia or other

earlier civilizations?

  1. Explain the Nile. Include its significance to the culture, the direction of travel,

Why the cataracts were important, etc.

  1. In a paragraph describe the roles that men and women played in Egyptian society. Were they treated as equals?

Connect the following Causes to the Effects

1.)The Hyksos conquered the Egyptians A. Abolishes Aton as primary god

2.)Egyptians believed in the afterlife B. Egyptians overthrow the Hyksos

3.)Aton becomes the New Kingdom’s main god. C. Rich fertile lands are created.

4.)King Tut become Pharoah at age 9. D. Akhenaton takes rule over Egypt

5.)The Nile floods every year. E. Egyptians create mummies

To preserve bodies.

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