Chapter 21 study guide Eastham

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Chapter 21 study guide Eastham
1. Describe President Abraham Lincoln’s attitude at the beginning of the Civil War
2. What did Lincoln hope that a Union victory at Bull Run would do?
4. What effect did the South's victory at Bull Run in 1861 have on Confederate enlistments?
5. Civil War’s major battles:
6. Why was the Union's defeat in battle at Bull Run in 1861 better than a victory?
7. Describe General George B. McClellan
8. After assuming command of the Army of the Potomac, what mistake did General George McClellan make?
9. What was Lincoln's reaction to the result of the Union loss in the Peninsula Campaign?
11. How did Union strategy change after the Confederate victory in the Peninsula Campaign?
12. The final Union war strategy
13. Why did Britain not protest too loudly against the Union naval blockade of the Confederacy?
14. What was the most alarming Confederate threat to the Union blockade?
15. What happened to the Confederate blockade runner, the Merrimack?
16. After halting Lee's troops at Antietam, what happened to General George McClellan?
17. One of the key developments enabling the Union to stop the Confederate at Antietam
19. Why was the Battle of Antietam particularly crucial?
25. During the Civil War when were blacks enlisted into the Union army?
26. How did African-Americans perform who fought for the Union Army in the Civil War?
27. When did the Confederacy enlist slaves into their army?
28. Why did Robert E. Lee decide to invade the North through Pennsylvania?
29. Why was the Battle of Gettysburg significant?
30. Why was the Union victory at Vicksburg significant?
31. consequences of General William T. Sherman's style of warfare
32. The group in the North most dangerous to the Union cause
36. In the 1864 election

capture of Atlanta

George McClellan

Why Lincoln won

38. General Ulysses S. Grant's basic strategy in the Civil War
39. How did the assassination of Abraham Lincoln affect the South?
41. The results of the Civil War were?
43. casualties of the Civil War were?
1. Clement L. Vallandigham
2. Andrew Johnson
3. John Wilkes Booth
4. Robert E. Lee
5. Thomas J. Jackson
6. Ulysses S. Grant
7. George B. McClellan
8. William T. Sherman
9. George B. Meade
10. Salmon P. Chase
11. doctrine of ultimate destination/continuous voyage
12. Merrimack
13. Virginia
14. Monitor
15. Emancipation Proclamation
16. Thirteenth Amendment
17. Copperheads
18. Union party

19. First Battle of Bull Run

20. Battle of Antietam
21. Vicksburg
22. Gettysburg
23. Fort Sumter
24. Atlanta
25. Antietam
26. Montgomery
27. Richmond

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