Chapter 17 Review Sheet 1960 Presidential Election The candidates were

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Chapter 17 Review Sheet
1960 Presidential Election

- The candidates were:

John F. Kennedy - Democrat

Richard M. Nixon - Republican

-This was one of the closest presidential elections in history - only about 100,000 popular votes separated the candidates.

-First Televised debates & campaign
Flexible Response - Kennedy's approach to the military; included building up conventional weapons and being prepared to respond to a variety of military attacks

Peace Corps - U.S. organization where Americans can volunteer in developing nations

Bay of Pigs Invasion - A failed attempt by the U.S. to force Fidel Castro out of power in Cuba

Cuban Missile Crisis - the confrontation between US and the Soviet Union over Soviet missiles in Cuba

Berlin Wall - built in June of 1961; it divides East Berlin from West Berlin

New Frontier - The name given to Kennedy's social programs

Equal Pay Act - Required equal pay for equal work and helped fight discrimination

deficit spending - government practice of spending more than it takes in from taxes

space race - the competition between the U.S. and Soviet Union to get into space first.

Warren Commission - group assigned to investigate the Kennedy assassination

War on Poverty - Johnson's social programs designed to fight poverty in the U.S.

Economic Opportunity Act - created the Job Corps to help find jobs for the unemployed.

Immigration and Nationality Act - changed the U.S.quota system to allow more people around the world into the U.S.

Warren Court - Famous group of Supreme Court Justices who make decisions which support civil rights and the rights of women

Medicare - provided government funded health care for people 65 and older

Great Society - The name of Johnson's social programs to improve the quality of life for Americans

Medicaid - provided government funded health care for poor and disabled Americans

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.' - Quote from President Kennedy's inauguration

Head Start - Preschool for disadvantaged children

VISTA - Volunteers In Service to America--a domestic peace corps

Job Corps - Program to help unemployed people ages 16-21

Upward Bound - Program that offered tutoring and college preparatory programs for low-income youth

Lee Harvey Oswald - Kennedy's assassin

Jack Ruby - Murdered Lee Harvey Oswald

Abraham Zapruder - Took the famous home video of the Kennedy assassination

Dallas, Texas - Location of President Kennedy's Assasination

November 22, 1963 - Date of President Kennedy's Assassination

Essay Topic

Explain how Kennedy’s New Frontier and Johnson’s Great Society helped people’s lives.

  • What groups of people did each try to assist?

  • How did they try to help them?

  • In your essay, identify specific programs and efforts implemented during their administrations and explain how they improved people’s lives.

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