Chapter 17- the Conquest of the Far West Guided Reading Notes

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Chapter 17- The Conquest of the Far West

Guided Reading Notes


As you read through Chapter 17 in your textbook, please complete the following notes/summary outline. Once you have finished, answer the Thesis Statement Questions using the information that you have compiled in your reading. Use the following information as a guide for your summary writing. You may write on this paper. If you need additional space or if you have large handwriting, please attach an additional paper to the assignment.

As you read, take notes to help you answer these questions:

• Who is involved?

• What events, ideas, or people does the author emphasize?

• What are the causes?

• What are the consequences or implications?

5. Establish criteria to determine what is important enough to include in the summary.
6. Evaluate information as you read to determine if it meets your criteria for importance.

Write your summary, which should:

• identify the title, author, and topic in the first sentence

• state the main idea in the second sentence

• be shorter than the original article

• begin with a sentence that states the topic (see sample)

• include a second sentence that states the author’s main idea

• include 3-5 sentences in which you explain---in your own words-

--the author’s point of view • include one or two interesting quotations or details

• not alter the author’s meaning

• organize the ideas in the order in which they appear in the article

• use transitions such as “According to” + the author’s name to show that you are summarizing someone else’s ideas

• include enough information so that someone who has not read the article will understand the ideas

ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE/QUIZ DATE: ______________________________________________________________

The Societies of the Far West

  1. The Western Tribes

  1. Hispanic California and Texas

  1. The Chinese Migration

  1. Anti-Chinese Sentiments

  1. Migration from the East

The Changing Western Economy

  1. Labor in the West

  1. The Arrival of the Miners

  1. The Cattle Kingdom

The Romance of the West

  1. The Western Landscape

  1. The Cowboy Culture

  1. The Idea of the Frontier

12. *Frederick Jackson Turner*

13. The Loss of Utopia

The Dispersal of the Tribes

14. White Tribal Policies

15. The Indian Wars

16. The Dawes Act

The Rise and Decline of the Western Farmer

17. Farming on the Plains

18. Commercial Agriculture

19. The Farmers’ Grievances

20. The Agrarian Malaise

Thesis Statement Questions


  1. Describe the thesis advanced by Frederick Jackson Turner about the relationship of the frontier to political democracy.

  1. Was the westward migration of Americans after 1865 brought about primarily by developments in transportation, economics, or government policy?

  1. To what extent did the policies of the U.S. government after 1865 lead to the mistreatment of Native Americans?

  1. In what ways and to what extent was the West “opened” for further settlement through connection to eastern political, financial, and transportation systems?

  1. How were the lives of the Plains Indians in the second half of the nineteenth century affected by technological developments and government actions?

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