Chapter 16 Study Guide What was the purpose of the Iroquois League?

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Chapter 16 Study Guide
What was the purpose of the Iroquois League?

  • It was an alliance to promote the idea of a joint defense or cooperation

The Maya based their calendar on careful observations of what?

  • The planets, sun and the moon

What is a codex?

  • a book with pages that can be turned like the one you are reading now

What is the Triple Alliance and who was involved?

What is Mita?

  • a labor tribute, a work requirement which required all able – bodied citizens to work for the state a certain number of days every year

Describe how conquered people were treated by the Aztecs. What problems did conquered people have with their treatment?

  • They used too many conquered people for sacrifice and too much tribute

Who make up the Noble Class in Aztec society?

  • Government officials, military leaders and priests

What was the name of the major city of the Maya?

  • Tikal

What was the first major civilization of Central Mexico?

  • Teotihaucan

The Incan system of government was similar to what government?

  • An ancient form of socialism

How did the Inca add territory to their empire?

  • Military force and diplomacy

How did the early North American peoples view the land?

In what way were the early North American peoples and the Maya similar?

  • They both had extensive trade

What is the Popol Vuh ?

  • a book containing a version of the Mayan story of creations

What caused the decline of the Maya ?

  • The Mayans decline began 100s of years before the Spanish came

Why does Pachacuti stand out in Inca history?

What is ayllu?

  • A small “family structure” or group who worked on projects together

What did the Inca used the quipu for?

  • To record data or information

The decline of the Inca Empire can be traced to what?

  • The two brothers fighting over the throne after their father’s death and then the civil war that broke out

What problems led to the decline of the Aztec Empire?

Think about: human sacrifice, the demand for tribute, the Spanish

  • Increase demand for human sacrifice which upset people and causes rebellion among the conquered city-states

  • Conquered groups rose up against the Aztecs

  • The Spanish brought guns and disease - small pox

  • Montezuma wanted all of the power which leads him to fire his head officials

  • Increase demand for tribute

Compare and contrast the three major Mesoamerican civilizations. Provide two similarities between them and two differences.


  • All are polytheistic

  • All are located in Mesoamerica

  • All preform some type of human sacrifice


  • The number of gods that they worship

  • How they lived

  • Different ways that they farmed

  • Language

  • Where they built their cities

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