Chapter 13 Review Multiple Choice

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Chapter 13 Review
Multiple Choice

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
What was the main reason that the Romans wished to build good roads?

Why was most Roman trade conducted by sea, rather than by land?

Which of the following most helped people in the provinces to prosper?

In what way did earlier Roman sculpture differ from that of Greece?

How can you tell that Cicero was considered a great orator?

Decisions in court cases in the Roman empire before 500 B.C. were based on

Why is today’s legal system in the state of Louisiana based partly on Roman civil law?

Which of the following groups rebelled against the Romans, and in what area?

Our information about the life of Jesus comes mainly from

Jesus was a member of

What did the disciples of Jesus do after his death?

The Gospels say that Jesus was descended from

If you wanted to learn more about the lives of important early Christians, you would read

___________ was a major part of Jesus’ teachings.

All of the following are central beliefs of Christianity held by most Christians EXCEPT

When the Pax Romana ended, Roman leaders gained power more from

Which event led to the arrival of Goths in Roman lands?

When the Roman empire became overwhelmed by foreign invasions, Roman leaders

The last leader to rule over both the eastern and western Roman empires was

The emperor Marcus Aurelius

One way that Greco-Roman culture spread was by extending _________ to all free persons in the empire.

Any hopes of Rome returning to a republican form of government ended when

Which of the following were advantages that concrete had over stone?

Which of the following was an improvement in bridge design pioneered by Roman engineers?

The Roman poet Horace wrote

Romance languages

The Romans enjoyed large-scale public entertainments, so they developed

What discovery did Claudius Galen make that is still important today?

More than any other event, followers of Jesus were convinced he was the Messiah by

Roman persecution of Christians

Most Christians believe in one God who exists in three forms, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Together thes

three forms are called the _____________.

The tradition that includes common elements of both Judaism and Christianity is called the ____________ tradition.

The name for God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit is

While the Romans considered the Germans barbarians who did not share their culture, in fact
Judeo-Christian amphitheater

Resurrection Romance languages

Deified Trinity

Old Testament, New Testament citizenship

Pax Romana


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