Chapter 11 study guide What Nerva did for Romans? Introduce land reforms that help the poor

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Chapter 11 study guide


  2. Who was one of Caesar’s top general and a member of the second Triumvirate? MARCUS LEPIDUS

  3. What happened at the battle of Actium? Octavian defeated Cleopatra and Marc Anthony

  4. Tiberius and Gaius wanted? GIVE LAND TO THE POOR

  5. On what did General Hannibal and his troops cross the Alps? elephants

  6. What were the twelve Tables? Roman’s first Laws

  7. When did the Romans take over Sicily? In the first Punic War

  8. When do historians believe Rome was founded? Between 800B.C and 700 B.C

  9. Who founded the city of Rome based on a legend? Romulus and Remus

  10. Who was Cincinnatus? A dictator who served for 16 days

  11. Who was Domitian? Vestian’s son who governed with his brother

  12. What is Pompeii? City that was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius

  13. Who is Nero? Brutal emperor who killed a lot of people

  14. Who were part of the first Triumvirate? Crassus, Pompey and Julius Cesar

  15. Who was Pius? One the 5 good emperors

  16. What are praetors? Interpreted law and acted as a judge

  17. What is Sicily? An Island that is part of Italy

  18. What did Vespasian do? Restored order after Nero Died

  19. What is Zama? Punic war battle were Scipio’s troop defeated the Carthaginians

  20. Who could hold political office in early Rome? Only patricians

  21. Who was Cleopatra? An Egyptian pharaoh

  22. What is an aqueduct? Cannels that carries water long distance

  23. What is a consul? Group of people that makes law

  24. What is fasces? Bundle of rods and axes carried by Roman officers

  25. What is legislature? A group of people that makes law

  26. What is Pax Romana? 200 years of peace

  27. What is Roman confederation? System of rule where Romans gave full citizenship to some conquered people

  28. What is Rubicon? River that Caser crossed and started civil war

  29. Who was Marc Anthony? Member of the second Triumvirate

Short responses for chapter 11

  1. Who were the people that ruled Rome for more than 100 years? The Etruscans

  2. Who were Patricians? They were the wealthy landowners

  3. Who were the Plebeians? They were poor people artisans and small farmers.

  4. What did dictators do in early Roam republic? They helped republic in emergencies such as military crisis or attacks

  5. Why Roman and Carthage went to a war? Because both wanted to control the island of Sicily

  6. What is Marius known for? He gave land to soldiers in exchange for their service or professionalize the army

  7. What is the meaning of Augustus? The majestic one

  8. For how long did Augustus ruled? 40 years

  9. Who was Augustus successor? Tiberius

  10. What emperor did not rule well and why? Caligula and Nero. Because they killed a lot of people and wasted a lot of money

  11. What emperor ruled well in Rome? Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antonius Pius, Marcus Aurelius because trade grew and people enjoyed a better life

  12. What was the most important part of Rome’s economy? Agriculture because they had good soli

  13. Who was the senator who planned to kill Julius Caesar? Brutus

  14. What were the three reforms that Diocletian made to help Rome’s economy? Set prices and wages, order workers to keep their job

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