Chapter 06 Student Diversity

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Chapter 06

Student Diversity

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the last half of the nineteenth century, 

A. Mexican Americans achieved educational opportunities equal to those of European Americans.
B. Mexican Americans were provided with bilingual education in most schools in the United States.
C. Mexican American families often sent their children to Catholic or other private schools to escape anti-Mexican attitudes in public schools.
D. Mexican Americans became a majority in California, Texas, and New Mexico.


2. U.S. schools have 

A. experienced a glut of teachers who are interested in teaching English as a second language.
B. been successful at curbing the dropout rates for non-English speakers through specialized English language training.
C. successfully diversified the teaching staff so that students are being taught by teachers of a wide-variety of cultural backgrounds.
D. had problems finding teachers trained to teach LEP students.


3. During World War II

A. the citizenship of Japanese Americans was ignored, and they were interned at concentration camps.
B. Congress enacted the Chinese Exclusion Law, denying Chinese immigrants the right to become citizens or own land.
C. a U.S. government report argued that Japanese immigrants were still loyal to Japan, and they should be considered an "enemy race."
D. Japanese were shown in movies and the news as "hardworking, brave, and practical," while Chinese were shown as "treacherous, cruel, and warlike."
E. All of these occurred.

4. Boarding schools for Native Americans 

A. were begun to eliminate the languages and cultures of the tribes.
B. did not provide an adequate diet for the children they taught.
C. were often far from the reservation lands.
D. were supported by the labor of the students.
E. All these answers are correct.


5. According to this book, one reason Asian immigrants to the U. S. attain higher levels of educational achievement on average is because 

A. of the higher quality of Asian schools.
B. many of them come from professional classes.
C. they are genetically more inclined to be intelligent.
D. they have been given unfair advantage by university quotas.
E. they have been stereotyped as a "model minority."


6. Which of the following is a consequence of English-only instruction for students with limited exposure to English? 

A. exceptionally high dropout rates
B. improved ability to participate in the democratic process
C. better access to the job market
D. better integration into American society
E. increasing numbers of students returning to their home countries


7. Mendez et al. v. Westminster School District of Orange County was an important case because it ruled that 

A. segregation was illegal; lack of exposure to English harmed Spanish-speaking children, so there was no educational justification for it.
B. Mexican Americans were an identifiable dominated group because of their language, culture, religion, and Spanish surnames.
C. an inequality of property taxes between school districts led to inequality in the quality of education received by Mexican American and white students.
D. special provisions had to be made to ensure that bilingual students received the same quality of education as mainstream students.
E. None of these answers is correct.

8. Immigration into the U.S. declined in the late 1920s through the early 1950s because of 

A. the 1930s Depression.
B. the 1924 Immigration Act.
C. World War II.
D. the 1924 Immigration Act and World War II.
E. All these answers are correct.


9. Which of the following statements about the effect of immigration on schools over the last 20 years is true? 

A. Bilingual classes became available in about 50% of school districts nationwide.
B. Asian students made up about a quarter of the school-age population.
C. The percentage of school-age children who are black significantly increased.
D. Hispanic students doubled to about a quarter of the school-age population.


10. Between 1988 and 2008, the percentage of public school students who were white decreased from 68 to ______ 

A. 63
B. 15
C. 22
D. 55



True / False Questions


11. The Immigration Act of 1965 enabled a new wave of immigration in the 1970s. 

12. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo resulted in Mexico's losing almost one-half its territory. 
13. Education can be used as a method of social control. 
14. The percentage of public school teachers who are black is equal to the number of black students. 
15. Knowledge of English is not an important factor for educational and occupational success in immigrant populations. 


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