Changes in the Antebellum Period-Thomas-key

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Changes in the Antebellum Period-Thomas-key


  1. Second Great Awakening

  2. Mormons

  3. Communes

  4. Blacks- segregated: AME (African-American-Methodist-Episcopal Church

Care for the Mentally Ill and Handicapped

  1. Dorthea Dix

  2. Asylums

But: institutions lost their reformist inclinations and became places where societies “misfits’ could be kept out of sight

  1. Gallaudet-schools for the deaf

Gallaudet University

  1. Howe-schools for the blind

Arts and Letters

  1. Imitate Greek Architecture

  2. Landscapes in Painting-the Hudson School of Painting

  3. Romantic Age in Lit-Transcendentalism (Emerson and Thoreau)

  4. Common School Movement

Horace Mann/Mass

Women’s Rights

  1. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott

Start in abolition

  1. Seneca Falls Convention, NY, 1848

Declaration of Sentiments

  1. Susan B Anthony

  2. Sarah and Angelina Grimke


  1. Children seen as good

  2. Spheres of Influence/Cult of True Womanhood

  3. Women-religious upbringing of children; Republican Motherhood

Social Habits

  1. Temperance/Prohibition

“Demon Rum”

  1. 1851-Maine passed 1st effective prohibition law

  2. 1820s per capita consumption of hard liquor-5 gallons per capita per person

  3. American Temperance Union-1826

  4. Washingtonians-reformed drunks

  5. Reformers: Protestant

  6. Anti-Reformers: Catholic, Irish and German immigrants

  7. Business: need effective, sober work force

Prison Systems

  1. Penitentiaries instead of Jails

  2. Originally a Quaker idea

  3. Reform prisoners to be viable members of society and not punish people

  4. Dorthea Dix

  5. Diea-Human Nature-people can be reformed


  1. Most Americans who were abolitions wanted legal equality and not social/economic equality

  2. Wage labor v slave labor

  3. Movement:

Wm Lloyd Garrison, The Liberator

David Walker, Appeal to Colored People

Of the World

Frederick Douglas, the North Star, the Life

And Times of Frederick Douglas

  1. Critics of slavery-“Colonization”/Back to Africa (Monrovia, Liberia)

  2. Repeal of Gag Rule-John Quincy Adams,


  1. Women’s rights movement got its start here

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