Ch. 28 Study Guide “wwii”

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Ch. 28 Study Guide “WWII”

Terms to Know



Enigma Machine


Nonaggression Pact



Internment Camps


Final Solution


Concentration Camps



People to Know

Hugo Boss

Josef Mengele

Hienrich Himmler

Francisco Franco

Georgy Zhukov

Vasily Zaytsev

Oskar Schindler

Winston Churchill

Hideki Tojo

Erwin Rommel

Wladyslaw Szpilman

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Harry S. Truman

Juan Pujol Garcia

Things to Know

U.S.S. Arizona

U.S.S. Reuben James

V-E Day

V-J Day

Ghost Division


Sections 1 & 2

1. Using France’s military alliance with Russia as an excuse, Hitler placed German troops in the _______________ (a de-militarized zone).

2. What was the name of the German-speaking and cultured region of Czechoslovakia, that was eager to unite with Germany? ___________________
3. How did Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill differ in their opinions regarding Germany before WWI?

4. What countries made up the Axis Powers? ____________________________________________________

5. What was significant about the Battle of Dunkirk?

6. What modern German car company built airplane engines for the Nazis during WWII? _________

7. Provide details about the Battle of Britain (aka the London Blitz)…

8. Provide details about Pearl Harbor…

9. What are some ways that U.S. citizens participated in the war effort on the home front?
10. What was so important about the Suez Canal during WWII?

11. During WWII, Italy controlled ____________ (African country), while the British controlled _____________ (African country). The 2 faced off at the Battle of ________________ , where a British victory gave award them control of Northern Africa.

12. What was the name of the German Expeditionary force in Africa? ___________
13. Where did American troops see their first action in WWII?


14. What Italian island did the U.S. military capture, serving as the final straw for Mussolini’s rule in Italy? ___________
15. What happened to Mussolini after he was arrested and dismissed as Il Duce of Italy?
16. Provide details about the Siege/Battle of Leningrad…

17. What were some of the reasons that Hitler wanted to capture the city of Stalingrad?

The Holocaust

18. Before WWII, there were _______________ Jews in Europe.

19. What are some reasons Jews had trouble migrating out of Germany and countries that were Anti-Semitic before WWII?

20. Who were some of the types of people who were targeted by the Nazi’s as undesirables?

21. At the end of the Holocaust, ___ Million non-Jews were killed, while ___ Million Jews were killed.

22. Provide details of what took place at Babi Yar…
23. What concentration camp was liberated by the Russians, and was the site of over 1.5 million deaths during the Holocaust? ______________
24. What concentration camp was liberated by the Americans, and was one of the first and largest camps in Germany? ______________
Section 4

25. Importance of the Battle of the Coral Sea?

26. Provide details of the Battle of the Midway…

27. Provide details of D-Day…

28. Importance of the Battle of the Bulge?

29. What 2 Japanese islands were captured by the U.S. military, that were important due to their proximity to mainland Japan? _________ & _________. How many men did we lose in conquering the 2 islands? ___________.

30. What were the 2 sites in Japan, where atomic bombs were dropped? ______________ & _______________.
31. What were some reasons why Truman decided to bomb Japan, rather than invade the island country?

32. Who and what were the details of those involved in the Atlantic Charter?

33. The future of the United Nations was discussed and planned at the _______ Conference.

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