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Julie Case


403 Joseph Way

Carmel, IN 46032

Tel: 317-443-6019

Owner/ Director of Training Ultimate Canine, LLC

Head Trainer, Director of Training and Manager of K-9 CAMP Training School
Master K-9 Trainer

Member of American Working Dog Association

Member of American Pet Dog Trainers Association

American Kennel Club - Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

K-9 Explosive and Narcotic Detection Trainer

Police K-9 Trainer

Founder of “Train the Trainer” Program: Professional K-9 Trainer, Advanced K-9 Trainer, Basic K-9 Trainer

17 years Training Experience

Has given/performed many Local and National Seminars Covering:
Aggressive Dog Behavior

Breed Specific Study

Canine Nutrition and Behavior
Adhere to Professional Code of Ethics and Standards

Advanced Behavior Studies


Canine Ethnology

Dog Training through Play

Predicting and Preventing Behavior Problems

Biting and Bite Inhibition

Health and Nutrition

Behavior Evaluation and Solving
Training Techniques and Methods for all Dogs

K9 First Aid and CPR

K9 Body Language

Pack Mentality and Pack Interaction

Breed Specific Studies

Canine Learning Theory

Temperament Testing

Temperament Evaluating

Fields of Experience:

Founding, Establishing and Maintaining of K-9 training program for K-9 CAMP Training School

Obedience Training and Instruction

Scent Detection Training: Narcotics, Explosives, Tracking

Behavior Solving and Prevention

Aggression and Fear

Ret Tag Dogs from Shelters: Training and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitating dogs with most difficult behavior cases at Humane Societies and Shelters

Police K-9 Training

Animal Assisted Therapy

Assistance Dogs

Service Dogs

Canine Good Citizen
Competition Obedience

Personal Protection

K-9 Bodyguard Program

Search and Rescue

Article Search


Explosive and Narcotic Detection Training

Conformation and Show Ring

Functional Obedience
Lectures & Presentations
American Staffordshire Terrier Breeding Program

Head of “ Erste Freunde” German Shepherd Breeding Program

Litter Evaluation
Puppy Class Instructor

Novice Class Instructor

Advanced Class Instructor

Basic Manners

Pet Placement
Temperament Testing
Clicker Training

Target Training

Skills and Topics taught to others:
Managing and running K-9 CAMP Obedience training school

Managing and operating 42 dog boarding facility and 14 employees

Training trainers

Certifying trainers

Supervising trainers, kennel and daycare staff, groomers and their day-to-day work

Educating trainers and kennel staff

Canine Obedience Training and Behavior Solving

Canine aggression (causes, treatments, management)

Canine anatomy, health, nutrition and medicine (traditional and alternative)
Compulsive behavior modification

Handling most difficult dogs

Working with aggressive dogs

Breed specific knowledge and experience

Dog activities/exercise outlets (agility, herding, conformation)
Dealing with most difficult behavior cases

Training disabled dogs

Working with disabled dog owners

Equipment use and misuse (training collars, remote collars, harnesses, leashes, clickers, etc)

Handling skills

Communication with dogs and their owners

Supervising multiple dogs at a time
House soiling prevention for puppies and adult dogs
Identifying problem dogs
Obedience instruction
Operant conditioning (positive motivational techniques)
Puppy raising and development schedules
"Reading" and explaining dog behavior and body language
Responsible dog ownership
"Shy" dog training (including shy, timid and phobic dogs)

Canine body language

Canine anatomy
Training for all sizes and types of dogs
Community Involvement:

Training “unadoptable” dogs at Humane Societies and Shelters

Giving seminars and educating staff and volunteers at Humane Societies and Shelters

Developing new training programs for Humane Societies and Shelters

Training dogs and handlers in Pendleton Prison, “FIDO” program

Working Dog Demonstrations and Education for Schools, Public Events, Prisons, State Fair Grounds etc.

K9 First Aid and CPR Demonstrations for Fire Departments

Scent Detection Services

Police K-9 Training

Fostering and placing dogs


*Came from the family of dog trainers, where parents raised, trained and competed with dogs in Russia.

*At the age of 14 (1994) started competing with dogs, showing and training dogs.

*At the age of 16 (1996) started professional career as a Canine Trainer and Handler in obedience, protection and conformation.

*In 1996 graduated from high School (Lyceum #9) in Russia

*In 1997 entered Novosibirsk State University

*At the age of 19 (1999), after receiving multiple Titles with own dogs, began own breeding program.

*In 2001, moved to the USA and became a resident

*In 2002 became a K9 Trainer and Class Instructor for Dean Elery, the founder of the largest and the oldest K-9 Training School in Central Indiana “First Friend K-9”.

*In 2002 became a Certified Master K-9 Trainer

*In 2003 became in charge of German Shepherd breeding program “Erste Freunde”.

* In 2006 founded and developed a K-9 Training program for “K-9 Camp Obedience School”

*In 2007 started running and managing “K-9 CAMP obedience school”.

*In 2007 Director of Training, Manager and Head Trainer

*In 2008 became a Citizen Of The United States of America

*Trained dogs of VIP Customers like Governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels, NFL and NBA Players, etc.

*In 2010 took 2nd place overall in International Annual Police Working K-9 Olympics as a Narcotic Team and in Narcotic Open Area Search

* 2011 earned Annual Achievement Award from National Animal Farm Foundation

*2012 started own business “Ultimate Canine. LLC”
*Own dogs are titled in different disciplines, including:

  • Obedience

  • Drug Detection

  • Tracking

  • Protection

  • Search

  • Conformation

* Other titles of personal dogs:

  • CW (EUR)

  • LSP (EUR)

  • LPP (EUR)

  • BIG I

  • BIS II

  • CH. of RUSSIA

  • CAC (National CH. Cand.) EUR

  • CACIB (International CH. Cand) EUR

  • SCH I, USA

  • BH

  • II Place Narcotic Open Area Search

  • II Place Narcotic Detection Team overall

  • Canine Good Citizen

  • I Place Best Trick Dog (WoofStock, USA)

For more info, please contact me 317-443-6019

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