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Central Christian College Library -- Videotaped Resources

Updated 3/07/12
Apologetics (AP)
"Does God Exist?" by John Clayton

V-AP 1 Episode 1 - "Biological Design"

Episode 2 - "Astronomical Design"

Episode 3 - "Biblical Design"

Episode 4 - "Fossils & Genesis 1"

V-AP 2 Episode 5 - "What is God?"

Episode 6 - "What Created the Creation?"

Episode 7 - "God, Man, and Caveman"

Episode 8 - "Evolution: Fact & Fantasy"

V-AP 3 Episode 9 - "UFO's, God, and the Bible"

Episode 10 - "Why I Left Atheism"

V-AP 4 Episode 11 - "Cosmos"

Episode 12 - "Which God?"

Episode 13 - "Morality"

V-AP 5* “Jesus the Great Debate” by Grant R. Jeffrey
The John Ankerberg Show

V-AP 6 Is the Age of the Earth Billions of Years Old or Just Six Thousand Years Old? (Segments 1-6)

V-AP 7 Is the Age of the Earth Billions of Years Old or Just Six Thousand Years Old? (Segments 7-8)

V-AP 8 Is the Bible Unique or Just Another Religious Book; Tape 1, Programs 1-3

V-AP 9 Is the Bible Unique or Just Another Religious Book; Tape 2, Programs 4-6

V-AP 10 The Evidence for the Historical Jesus with Dr. Gary Habermas (Programs 1-6)

V-AP 11 Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? with A. Flew and G. Habermas (Programs 1-5)

V-AP 12 Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? Questions and Answers

V-AP 13 Did the Resurrection Really Happen with J. Naland and J.W. Montgomery

V-AP 14 Atheism Versus Christianity

Archaeology (AR)
V-AR 1* "In Search of Bible Times" with Jonathan Frakes (Includes

New Testament & Old Testament Journeys)

"Archaeology and the Bible" by Bill Humble

V-AR 2* Tape 1 Part 1 -- The Old Testament

Part 2 -- The Divided Kingdom

Part 3 -- The Dead Sea Scrolls

Part 4 -- The Life of Christ

V-AR 3* Tape 2 Part 5 -- The Jerusalem Jesus Knew

Part 6 -- Herod, the Greatest Builder

Part 7 -- Herod the Great's Palaces

Part 8 -- Athens and Corinth
V-AR 4* "The Holy Land" by the Reader's Digest Association.

Includes video visits to Hebron, Mount Moriah, Ashkelon, Jerusalem, Kidron Valley, Caesarea, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Bethany, the Mount of Olives, and Masada.

V-AR 5* Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls

V-AR 6-7* Pharaohs and Kings : A Biblical Quest (Vol. 1 and 2)

V-AR 8* The Temple at Jerusalem

V-AR 9 Jerusalem Discovery : The Secrets of Jerusalem

V-AR 10 “Proving the Bible through Archaeology” with Grant Goodever

V-AR 11 The Exodus Revealed: Search for the Red Sea Crossing

V-AR 12 The Second Great Battle of Jericho (The Story of Biblical Archaeology)

V-AR 13 Galloping through the gospels

V-AR 14 St. Paul in Greece

V-AR 15 Seven churches of revelation rediscovered

Biography (BIO)
V-BIO 1 Through Joy and Beyond (life of C.S. Lewis)

V-BIO 2 Breaking the rules

V-BIO 3 Full Circle

V-BIO 4 Amazing Grace

V-BIO 5 Lean on Me
Bible Study (BS)
"The Visualized Bible Study Series" by Jule H. Miller

V-BS 1* "The Patriarchal Age"

V-BS 2* "The Mosaic Age"

V-BS 3* "The Christian Age"

V-BS 4* "God's Plan for Redeeming Man"

V-BS 5* "The History of the Lord's Church"

V-BS 6* "Tell Me a Bible Story" by Evelyn Grogg (Standard VBS Bible Stories)
"The Bible Land: Walking Where Jesus Walked" by Bill Humble

V-BS 7* Tape 1 Part 1 -- The Land in Old Testament Days

Part 2 -- From David to the Exile

Part 3 -- The Land Where Jesus Walked

Part 4 -- The Land of Galilee

V-BS 8* Tape 2 Part 5 -- The Jerusalem Jesus Knew

Part 6 -- Jerusalem, the Holy City

Part 7 -- You Will Be My Witnesses

Part 8 -- To the Ends of the Earth
V-BS 9* "The Life of Christ" by Dr. Jim Anderson with a Harmony of the four Gospels.

V-BS 10 Paul's Journeys

V-BS 11* The Tabernacle and the Day of Atonement

V-BS 12-13* Seven Churches of Asia by Bill Humble

“That the World May Know” (Focus on the Family)

V-BS 14* Lesson 1: “Standing at the Crossroads” (Tel Gezer)

Lesson 2: “Wet Feet” (The Jordan River)

Lesson 3: “First Fruits” (Tel Jericho)

V-BS 15* Lesson 4: “Confronting Evil” (Tel Beth Shemesh)

Lesson 5: “Iron of Culture” (Tel Azekah)

V-BS 16* Lesson 6: “Innocent Blood” (Megiddo)

Lesson 7: “Who Is God?” (Mt. Carmel)

Lesson 8: “Wages of Sin” (Lachish)

V-BS 17* Lesson 9: “The Lord Is My Shepherd” (Negev)

Lesson 10: “God With Us” (Arad)

V-BS 18* Lesson 11: “In the Shadow of Herod” (Herodian)

Lesson 12: “My Rock and My Fortress” (Masada)

Lesson 13: “The Time Had Fully Come” (Qumran)

Lesson 14: “No Greater Love” (Mount of the Beatitudes/Chorazin)

V-BS 19* Lesson 15: “The Rabbi” (Gamla)

Lesson 16: “Language of Culture” (Sepphoris)

Lesson 17: “Misguided Faith” (Belvoir)

Lesson 18: “Living Water” (En Gedi)

V-BS 20* Lesson 19: “When the Storms Come” (Sea of Galilee)

Lesson 20: “Piercing the Darkness”

Lesson 21: “Gates of Hell” (Caesarea Philippi)

Lesson 22: “City of the Great King” (Jerusalem

Lesson 23: “The Lamb of God” (Mount of Olives)

V-BS 21* Lesson 24: “The Weight of the World” (Capernaum/Gethsemane)

Lesson 25: “Roll Away the Stone” (Garden Tomb)

Lesson 26: “Power to the People” (Southern Stairs)

Lesson 27: “Total Commitment” (Caesarea)

V-BS 22* Jesus
“The Visual Bible”--Acts

V-BS 23* Volume 1 (Acts 1:1-8:3)

V-BS 24* Volume 2 (Acts 8:4-13:52)

V-BS 25* Volume 3 (Acts 14-20)

V-BS 26* Volume 4 (Acts 21-28)
V-BS 27 “A Journey Through the Life of Christ” with Bruce Marciano

“Matthew” The Visual Bible, NIV

V-BS 28* Volume 1- Chapters 1:1-9:1

V-BS 29^ Volume 2- Chapters 9:2-14:36

V-BS 30* Volume 3- Chapters 15:1-23:39

V-BS 31^ Volume 4- Chapters 24:1-28:20

V-BS 32A&B “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (Ruth and Boaz)” presented by Joe R. Garmon

V-BS 33 The Miracle Maker

V-BS 34 “Mary, Mother of Jesus” by Betty B. Gray
Misc. Bible Study

V-BS 35 Burnam: Prayer Barriers

DeHann: Praying with Confidence

DeHann: Feasts of Pentecost, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles

Bousman: Rev. 22, Matt. 1

Burnam: Who do you Worship?

Bousman: Matt. 2

DeHann: Controversy of the Cross

Bousman: Matt. 3

V-BS 36 DeHann: How can I Understand the Bible?

Bousman: Heb. 12

Which Way, America: Acts 2

Hymn Sing

Bousman: Heb. 13

Which Way: Matt. 5

Hymn Sing

Bousman: Acts 1

Which way: I Cor. 13

Hymn Sing

Bousman: Acts 2

Which Way: I Cor. 15

V-BS 37 Strachan: When You’ve Failed; Friendship

Bousman: Acts 7-11

Which way: Poverty; Crime

DeHann: How Can I Live with my loss?; How Can we Work Through Differences, Overcomers; 7

Churches: Ephesus

V-BS 38 Bousman: Acts 12,13

DeHann: Smyrna

Bousman: Acts 14

Which Way: Justice

DeHann: Pergamum

Hymn Sing (Drop-out)

Bousman: Acts 15

Which Way: Meaning of Life

Hymn Sing

Bousman: Acts 16

Which Way: What if

By the Way: Persecution

V-BS 39 Hymn Sing

Bousman: Acts 17, Which way America: What can you do For America

By the Way: Faith Hymn Sing

Bousman: Acts 18

Which Way: What can you do

Bousman: Acts 19

Which way, America: Leaders God Rejected

DeHann: 7 Churches


Bousman: Acts 20

V-BS 40 Which Way: Voting

DeHann: 7 Churches: Sardis

Bousman: Acts 21

Which Way

DeHann: Philadelphia

Bousman: Acts 22

Which Way: Baptism

DeHann: Laodicea

Bousman: Acts 23

Which Way: Faith

V-BS 41 Hymn Sing

Bousman: Acts 24

Which way: Repentance

Burnam: Why Isn’t there Peace

Bousman: Acts 25

Which Way: Confession

DeYung: Prophecies of messiah

Bousman: Acts 26

Which Way: Symbols of Baptism

Day of Disc.: Story of Bethlehem

V-BS 42 Hymn Sing

Bousman: Acts 27

Which way: What is Christmas?

Bousman: Acts 28

Which Way: Times of Despair

DeHann: Lost Lights of Revelation

Bousman: Rev. 1

Which Way: Resolutions

DeHann: The Overcomers

Strachan: How to Understand the Bible

Which Way: The Inauguration
V-BS 43-45 Jesus of Nazareth – missing?

V-BS 46 “Abraham” The Bible Collection

“That the World May Know” (Focus on the Family), Vol. 5 with Ray Vander Laan

V-BS 47* Lesson 1: Caesarea Philippi- Everything to Lose, Nothing to Gain

Lesson 2: Sardis- The Salt of the Earth

Lesson 3: Pergamum- Where Satan Lives

V-BS 48^ Lesson 4: Ephesus- The Mark of the Beast

Lesson 5: Laodicea- Hot or Cold

V-BS 49 The Tabernacle

V-BS 50 “So, Who is this Jesus?”

I: His Story Has a Long Preparation

II: His Birth and Life

III: The Meaning of It All

V-BS 51 The Steps to Freedom In Christ Featuring Neil T. Anderson

V-BS 52 Kids These Days and Isaiah 61 (Good News Productions)

V-BS 53 The Man Who Spoke for God (Elijah the Tishbite) with Joe R. Garman

V-BS 54 The Lord of the Second Chance (Apostle Peter) with Joe R. Garman

V-BS 55 Jeremiah (The Bible Collection

V-BS 56 Genesis: The creation & the flood (The Bible Collection)

V-BS 57 Solomon (The Bible Collection) [A & B]

V-BS 58 Esther (The Bible Collection)

V-BS 59 Joseph (The Bible Collection) [A & B]

V-BS 60 Samson & Delilah (The Bible Collection) [A & B]

V-BS 61 Jacob (The Bible Collection)

V-BS 62 David (The Bible Collection) [A & B]

V-BS 63 Moses (The Bible Collection) [A & B]

V-BS 64 How Jesus died The final 18 hours

V-BS 65 The Gospel of John

V-BS 66 The Bible Moves (VHS & leader’s guide)

V-BS 67 10 Commandments (tape 2) Do not misuse my name

V-BS 68 Ten #1 (How to find true Contentment)

V-BS 69 Ten #5 (How to know the real God)

V-BS 70 Jonah (book by book O. T. series)

V-BS 71 I & II Thessalonians (book by book N. T. series

V-BS 72 Great people of the Bible & how they lived

Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Esau, Joseph

V-BS 73a-d Genesis (Bible on Video) prt 1-4

V-BS 74 The living word

V-BS 75 St. John in exile
Central Christian College of the Bible (CCC)
V-CCC 1 Living Christmas Tree and T.V. interview of Tarry A. Koutz, December 8, 1983.

V-CCC 2 Men's Banquet 1984 with David and John Ferguson, Great Day Singers, and Sam Stone.

V-CCC 3 Women's Day Chapel with Jon Popham, song leader; Gordon Bond, special music; and Asher Carl, Passover Presentation.

V-CCC 4 Living Christmas Tree, December 1985.

V-CCC 5 Central Christian College Promotional Program, April, 1982, by Good News Productions.

V-CCC 6 Central Christian College Promotional Programs, by C. M. Embree and Good News Productions (1984, 1986).

V-CCC 7 Library/Bookstore Groundbreaking (March 4, 2000)

V-CCC 8 CCCB on Channel 13 News (Aug. 17, 2001)

V-CCC 9 The Living Christmas Tree, December 1993

V-CCC 10 CCCB “The Challenge” (May 1999)

V-CCC 11 CCCB “Harvest 2000”
Charismatic Movement (CM)
V-CM 1 Manifesting the Holy Ghost, Rodney M. Howard-Browne

V-CM 2 Chronicles of Revival, The Hand of the Lord, and The Coming Revival (Rodney M. Howard-Browne)

V-CM 3 Revival at Oral Roberts University, Parts 1-3 (Rodney M. Howard-Browne)
Children’s Videos (CV)
Guiding Image Series

V-CV 1 Noah -- the Deluge

V-CV 2 Tower of Babel

V-CV 3 Abraham’s Sacrifice

V-CV 4 Sodom and Gomorrah

V-CV 5 Jacob’s Challenge

V-CV 6 Moses

V-CV 7 The Ten Commandments

V-CV 8 Samson and Delilah

V-CV 9 David and Goliath

V-CV 10 The Judgment of Solomon

V-CV 11 Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar

V-CV 12 Daniel in the Lion’s Den

V-CV 13 “The Story of Jesus for Children” By Campus Crusade for Christ

V-CV 14 The Giant of Thunder Mountain (F.U.N.)

V-CV 15 The Prince of Egypt (DreamWorks)

V-CV 16 Little Things (Cherub Wings)

V-CV 17 All the Children Ought to Know Who Jesus Is (16 Bible Action Songs)

Animated Bible Stories (Ages 4-6)

V-CV 18 Jesus for Kids: “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

Program One: The First Christmas

Program Two: Jesus the Storyteller

Program Three: Jesus the Miracle-Worker

Program Four: Jesus the Healer

Program Five: The First Easter
V-CV 19 Dangerous Journey (The Pilgrim's Progress) (Ages 6^)

V-CV 20 Stephen’s Test of Faith (Ages 8-14)

Tales From Bledlow Ridge (Ages 8-13)

V-CV 21 The Outsider

Adventures in Odyssey Series:

V-CV 22 The knight travelers (Episode 1)

V-CV 23 A flight to the finish (Episode 2)

V-CV 24 A fine feathered frenzy (Episode 3)

V-CV 25 Shadow of a doubt (Episode 4)

V-CV 26 Star quest (Episode 5)

V-CV 27 Once upon an avalanche (Episode 6)

V-CV 28 Electric Christmas (Episode 7)

V-CV 29 Go west young man (Episode 8)

V-CV 30 Someone to watch over me (Episode 9)

V-CV 31 In harm’s way (Episode 10)

V-CV 32 A twist in time (Episode 11)

V-CV 33 A stranger among us (Episode 12)

V-CV 34 Baby daze (Episode 13)

Veggie Tales

V-CV 35 Where’s God when I’m scared? (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 36 Larry Boy & the Rumor Weed (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 37 Larry Boy & the fib from outer space (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 38 The Ballad of Little Joe (Veggie Tales) C.2

V-CV 39 Are you my neighbor? (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 40 The Star of Christmas (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 41 Jonah sing along songs (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 42 Ultimate Silly Song Count down (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 43 Larry’s wonderful world of Auto-tainment! (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 44 Leggo my Ego (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 45 The Yodel Napper (Veggie Tales)

3-2-1 Penguins

V-CV 46 Trouble on Planet wait your turn (3-2-1 Penguins!)

V-CV 47 Runaway pride at Lightstation kilowatt (3-2-1 Penguins!)

V-CV 48 The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka (3-2-1- Penguins!)

V-CV 49 The littlest Angel’s Easter

V-CV 50 How the Grinch stole Christmas/Horton hears a Who

V-CV 51 Gulliver’s Travels
McGee and Me

V-CV 52 A Star in the breaking (McGee and me)

V-CV 53 The big lie (McGee and me)
Veggie Tales

V-CV 54 God wants me to forgive them!?! (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 55 Josh and the big Wall (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 56 An Easter Carol (Veggie Tales)

V-CV 57 Samson & Deliah

V-CV 58 Noah’s Ark

Adventures of Bible Man

V- CV 59 Conquering the Wrath of rage

V-CV 60 Breaking the Bonds of Disobediance

Quigley’s Village Series

V-CV 61 Bubba’s big banana Cream Crime

V-CV 62 Lemon & the kite flying catastrophe

V-CV 63 Danny buys a blobit
V-CV 64 Alexander & the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

V-CV 65 Hermie


V-CV 67 Harold & the Purple Crayon

V-CV 68 I am not going to get up today!

V-CV 69 v.1 Butter Cream Gang

V-CV 69 v.2 Secret of Treasure Mountain (Butter Cream Gang)

V-CV 70 Beethoven’s 2nd

V-CV 71 Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

V-CV 72 The Birth of the Constitution (This is America Charlie Brown series Vol.6)

V-CV 73 Why Mosquitoes buzz in peoples ears

V-CV 74 Sing along Songs: Be our Guest

V-CV 75 Buzz & Poppy: The Shy Super Spy

V-CV 76 Blue’s Clue: Bluestock

V-CV 77 Charlotte’s Web

V-CV 78 Alving & the Chipmunks go to the movies: Kong!

V-CV 79 Kingdom Chums: Original Top Ten

V-CV 80 The Swan Princess

V-CV 81 The Flinstones: The Gravelberry pie king

V-CV 82 The Jetsons: Las Venus

V-CV 83 50 Classic All Star Cartoons

V-CV 84 Courtin’ cut-ups

V-CV 85 Mighty Mouse
Christian Comedy (CC)
V-CC 1 Mark Lowery – Mouth in motion

V-CC 2 CPR Improv

Christian Education (CE)
V-CE 1 "Champions" 1988 VBS Promotional Video

V-CE 2 "Joy Trek" 1989 VBS Promotional Video

V-CE 3 "FRIENDimension" 1990 VBS Promotional Video

V-CE 4 "Cincinnati Bible College"

V-CE 5 "Team Up With Jesus" 1994 VBS Promotional Video

V-CE 6 "Jesus' Kids, Totally HIS" 1995 VBS Promotional Video

V-CE 7 "Camp Courageous 1996 VBS Promotional Video (Standard)

V-CE 8 "The Jesus Expedition" 1996 VBS Promo Video (Cook)

V-CE 9 "Kingdom of the Son" 1996 VBS Promo Video (Gospel Light)

V-CE 10 "Welcome Aboard" 1996 VBS Promo Video (Group)

V-CE 11 “Promise Builders for Jesus” 1997 VBS Promo Video (Standard)

V-CE 12 “Circle of Friends” 1996 VBS Promo Video (Cook)

V-CE 13 Fire Up Your VBS *You Can Do It-Here’s How* (Alpha & Omega)
V-CE 14 Taking P301 again for the first time prt.1

V-CE 15 Taking P301 again for the first time prt.2

V-CE 16 Taking P301 again for the first time prt.3

Christian Life (CL)
V-CL 1** Truth Matters for You and Tomorrow’s Generation (Josh McDowell)

V-CL 2** Truth Matters: Sessions 1 and 2

V-CL 3^ Presenting Right Form Wrong Campaign

V-CL 4* Setting Youth Free to Make Right Choices

V-CL 5 Focus on the Family Institute: Equipping Tomorrow’s Leaders for Family,Church, and Society
The Measure of Spiritual Maturity By Dr. Gene Getz

V-CL 6* Session 1: Renewing Your Church

V-CL 7^ Session 2: Renewing Your Faith

Session 3: Renewing Your Hope

Session 4: Renewing Your Love

Session 5: The Process of Renewal

V-CL 8^ Session 6: Renewing Our Commitment to Scripture Prayer

Session 7: Renewing Our Commitment Fellowship

Session 8: Renewing Our Commitment Generosity

Session 9: Renewing Our Commitment Evangelism

V-CL 9^ Session 10: Renewing Our Commitment to the Family

Session 11: Renewing Our Commitment to Personal Maturity

“Your Work Matters to God” By Doug Sherman

V-CL 10* Tape 1- Your Work Matters and Integrity At Work

V-CL 11^ Tape 2- Competing Time Demands, Success and Ambition, work Habits

V-CL 12^ Tape 3- Stress, excellence and You, Authority

V-CL 13^ Tape 4- Evangelism, Relationships At Work, and How to Stand Firm
“Boundaries” by Cloud and Townsend

V-CL 14* Session 1: What Is A Boundary?

Session 2: Understanding Boundaries

Session 3: The Laws of Boundaries, Part 1

Session 4: The Laws of Boundaries, Part 2

Session 5: Myths About Boundaries

Session 6: Boundary Conflicts, Part 1

Session 7: Boundary Conflicts, Part 2

Session 8: Boundary Successes, Part 1

Session 9: Boundary Successes, Part 2

V-CL 15 I kissed dating goodbye Part one

V-CL 16 Part two

V-CL 17 Part three
Now That I am a Christian Series

V-CL 18 Power to become [Lesson one]

V-CL 19 Different from the world [Lesson two]

V-CL 20 Continuing steadfastly [Lesson three]

V-CL 21 Bought with a price [Lesson four]

V-CL 22 Fishers of men [Lesson five]

V-CL 23 Finding rest in a stressed-out World (Lucado)

V-CL 24 From Foyer to Kitchen

Christian Worship (CW)
V-CW 1* In the Name of God (Peter Jennings reporting)
Church Growth (CG)
Missouri Operation for Vigorous Evangelism

V-CG 1 Vision 21: Start Churches! Save Souls!

V-CG 2 "Starting New Churches" by Dennis Fulton

V-CG 3 "Leadership and Church Growth" by Steve Lang

"Evangelism and Church Growth" by William Walton

V-CG 4 "Incorporation and Church Growth" by Steve Lang

"Nurturing for Church Growth" by William Walton

V-CG 5 "Developing Church Growth Principles in the Local Church" by Steve Lang

"Lift Up Christ Manual" by William Walton
National Church Growth Research Center

V-CG 6 "The Greatest Work in the World" by Paul Benjamin and Kenneth Bennett.

V-CG 7 "Obstacles to Evangelism" by Paul Benjamin

"Action Evangelism" by Kenneth Bennett

Share time with Paul Benjamin
Good News Productions

V-CG 8*** "Principles of Church Growth" by Ben Merold (Lessons 1-4)

V-CG 9^^^ "Principles of Church Growth" by Ben Merold (Lessons 5-6)
Church History (CH)
"Church History Highlights" by L. Edsil Dale

V-CH 1 Episode 1 Introduction to Church History

V-CH 2 Episode 2 "Cyprian-Arius"

V-CH 3 Episode 3 The Ante-Nicene Era

V-CH 4 Episode 4 The Post-Nicene Era

V-CH 5 Episode 5 "Basil, Benedict, John Chrysostom, Augustine, Ambrose"

V-CH 6 Episode 6 "Jerome, Leo I, Gregory I, Mohammed, Charles Martel, Charlemagne"

V-CH 7 Episode 7 "John of Damascus, Photius, Nicholas I, Gregory VII, Henry IV, Innocent III"

V-CH 8 Episode 8 "Francis of Assissi, Bernard of Clairveaux, Dominic discourse concerning 'Sacraments'"

V-CH 9 Episode 9 "Pre-Reformation: John Wycliffe, John Hus, Savonarola. Scholasticism: Anselm, Abelard, Peter, Aquinas, Thomas"

V-CH 10 Episode 10 The Reformation in Germany & Switzerland

V-CH 11 Episode 11 "Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I, Mary, Queen of Scotts, John Knox, Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier."

V-CH 12 Episode 12 Protestant life in the 17th and 18th Centuries

V-CH 13 Episode 13 Protestant life in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Class Lectures of Edsil Dale

V-CH 14 "The Background of Denominations"

V-CH 15 "The Canon of the Catholic Church"

V-CH 16 "Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch"

The John Ankerberg Show

V-CH 17 "Roman Catholicism, a discussion with Father M. Pacwa and Dr. W. Martin.”

V-CH 18* John Bunyan: The Preacher

V-CH 19* C. H. Spurgeon Tonight

V-CH 20* Comenius

V-CH 21* Hudson Taylor (Ref./C.1 C.2)

V-CH 22* The Radicals

V-CH 23* John WyCliffe

V-CH 24* John Hus

V-CH 25* The Man From Aldersgate: John Wesley

V-CH 26* Wrestling With God C.1 & C.2

V-CH 27* God's Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale

V-CH 28* "Fanny Crosby"

V-CH 29* Martin Luther

V-CH 30 Martin Luther (50th Anniversary Edition)

V-CH 31 The Story of Paul the Apostle (The History Channel)

V-CH 32 Paul The Emissary
V-CH 33 Peter and Paul (Tape One)

V-CH 34 Peter and Paul (Tape Two)

V-CH 35 The Story of the Twelve Apostles (The History Channel)

V-CH 36 An Empire Conquered (True Stories from the Early Church)

V-CH 37 Against Great Odds (Ethiopia)

V-CH 38 Francis of Assisi

V-CH 39 Aidan (Memorable Leaders in Christian History)

V-CH 40 Bede (Memorable Leaders in Christian History)

V-CH 41 Cuthbert (Memorable Leaders in Christian History)

V-CH 42 Hild (Memorable Leaders in Christian History)

V-CH 43 Lindisfarne Gospels (Memorable Leaders in Christian History)

V-CH 44 Oswald (Memorable Leaders in Christian History)

V-CH 45 Wilfrid (Memorable Leaders in Christian History)
V-CH 46 The First Valentine

V-CH 47 Roger Williams (Freedom’s forgotten Hero)

V-CH 48 Luther

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