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The Hero’s Journey in Oedipus Rex The Departure Home / BeginningsThe Hero’s Journey in Oedipus Rex The Departure Home / Beginnings
Examples: Images of spring represent the theme of rebirth; the color red represents passion-or sometimes death, Harper Lee’s mockingbird represents innocence
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Monomyth, or the Hero\Monomyth, or the Hero's Journey Departure
Call to Adventure The hero begins in a mundane situation of normality from which some information is received that acts as a call to head off into the unknown
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The Epic of GilgameshThe Epic of Gilgamesh
Asia and very possibly to the Greek world (suggested by some similarities to Achilles in the Iliad and to Greek flood stories). The epic in the form you are reading it is actually a composite of a number of Gilgamesh stories from clay tablets found at a variety of
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Midterm Exam 2010Midterm Exam 2010
Exam periods will be 85 minutes long. If you are absent the day of an exam, you will get a zero on the exam. You need to make arrangements to stay after school within the first two weeks of the semester
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