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The south traded much of their cotton to Great Britain. In return, the south would receive British goods. But British goods would cost more with high tariffs added to them. This made the value of their cotton as a trading item worth less
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Japan\Japan's part in the outbreak of world war h it took Japan less than half a century to rise to power and become a major world player
I am going to argue that Japan's policies were shaped more by fear and a feeling of weakness, than by a confidence in its own military strength and its racial superiority, which has been the more accepted view among historians
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Women of britainWomen of britain
Ships needed to be built in a matter of days, not months. Airplanes, tanks, and ammunition had to be mass-produced. As factories converted to war production, the production of consumer goods such as automobiles ceased
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Why the Transition failed: Towards a Political Economy of the Post-Soviet Period in RussiaWhy the Transition failed: Towards a Political Economy of the Post-Soviet Period in Russia
Instead the article tries to take part in the process of discussing the salient features of what might be termed a ‘frozen transition’ or ‘continued disintegration’
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The height of imperialismThe height of imperialism
Capitalist states in the west wanted to control directly their sources of raw materials and their markets
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Camilla UlloaCamilla Ulloa
How far do you agree with the view that the development of the Cold War in the period 1945-50 was the result of Stalin’s foreign policy?
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