Immigration and Migration in the New WorldImmigration and Migration in the New World
Unit Goal: People in the past and present immigrate and migrate to better their lives
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Education White PaperEducation White Paper
My mandate was to bring forward a new grant program aimed at the improvement of higher education. My first major task –a rite of passage for new Pew program directors—was to write a "white paper" for Pew’s Board of Directors that set forth my view of what the focus
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Industrial RevolutionIndustrial Revolution
Lothes that are made by machines. However, about 1750, people began to invent new machines to help them make clothes. These machines could do the work that people had always done by hand
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3 Industrial Revolution and Nationalism3 Industrial Revolution and Nationalism
As you read this section, look for details about how life changed as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Copy the chart below and record your findings in it
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