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Jacksonian Era Museum AssignmentJacksonian Era Museum Assignment
Hermitage Board of Directors to present a virtual tour for a possible exhibit within this new museum. Your exhibit will depict the beliefs of an assigned group from the Jacksonian Era and will explain whether Jackson and his legacy diminished or improved American
20.17 Kb. 1
Abraham Lincoln Web QuestAbraham Lincoln Web Quest
Describe Abraham Lincoln’s original birthplace. Determine whether this is the real cabin he was born in and explain your answer
17.02 Kb. 1
Virtual Tour of Buenos Aires lesson plan by Amy Lenord Language / Level: Spanish Level 2 Lesson ObjectivesVirtual Tour of Buenos Aires lesson plan by Amy Lenord Language / Level: Spanish Level 2 Lesson Objectives
Buenos Aires through information about its major attractions, landmarks and neighborhoods (barrios)
22.79 Kb. 1
Cambodian Genocide. A film study of Schindler’s List is included, along with a consideration of film as historical text. Construction of history, through consideration of revisionist/denial versions of the Holocaust, is also considered
69.99 Kb. 1
Shakespeare and the Elizabethan theatreShakespeare and the Elizabethan theatre
Ii now let’s make a trip back in time! Before going back to the Elizabethan Age, check out the Globe quiz! Try to find answers to the questions and compare them to the information you will get at the end!
6.97 Kb. 1
Immigration Mini-Unit Lesson 1: The ‘Push and Pull’ of immigrationImmigration Mini-Unit Lesson 1: The ‘Push and Pull’ of immigration
Students will be able to describe the motivations of immigrants coming to the United States
65.02 Kb. 1
Name # Farewell to ManzanarName # Farewell to Manzanar
In order to better understand the setting of the biographical memoir Farwell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Huston and James D. Huston, please answer the following questions, in complete sentences, using only the links provided
10.57 Kb. 1
Understanding Set Design by Katie Hatfield ObjectiveUnderstanding Set Design by Katie Hatfield Objective
Students will demonstrate their ability to think and work as designers as they interpret and create set designs for a particular scene of a play
41.01 Kb. 1
Assignment 1 Psychology 486 / 686 Chapter 7: Drugs and HormonesAssignment 1 Psychology 486 / 686 Chapter 7: Drugs and Hormones
Finally, choose a side and write a two-page paper that discusses your personal viewpoint on the effects of marijuana on the brain. Make sure you include examples from the articles you read as well as information from 2 additional sources to support
33.49 Kb. 1


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