viking invasions

The VikingsThe Vikings
Vikings! The word conjures up images of wild, barbaric, sea faring men, intent on setting their mark on their less warlike neighbours with fire and sword
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Zoomorphics In Celtic Irish IlluminationZoomorphics In Celtic Irish Illumination
Note: See also the files: bestiaries-msg, gargoyles-msg, alphabets-msg, calligraphy-msg
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Title: Anglo-SaxonsTitle: Anglo-Saxons
A team of history researchers are commissioned by the bbc to do the background reasearch for a series of programmes called ‘The Really Interesting History of Britain’
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Important Terms, People, and IdeasImportant Terms, People, and Ideas
Which areas of the Byzantine empire fell to Muslim invaders in the seventh and eighth centuries C. E.? Which areas of their empire did the Byzantines retain control over?
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Social Studies: Grade 8Social Studies: Grade 8
As they explore selected past societies, students become aware of differing world views and the factors that influence change in societies
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