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I. introductionI. introduction
One can experience the political reality of the issue in the emergence of the caste based politics. The equally disturbing is growing division of the society on the lines of caste. This necessitated a relook at the policy of making caste
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The Rinderpest factor in the Great Famine of EthiopiaThe Rinderpest factor in the Great Famine of Ethiopia
Famines are enormously complex social and biological phenomena and it is quite hopeless to expect a generic theory of their origins or consequences…(Watts, 1987)
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The State as a Moral InstitutionThe State as a Moral Institution
Akanmidu, R. A. “The State as a Moral Institution”, in Michael Toper(ed) et al. Law, Justice and the State II. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1995 pp. 25-33
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Introduction to Kantian EthicsIntroduction to Kantian Ethics
Paley, 2002, p. 133. The major works of German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, offer an analysis of theoretical and moral reason and the ability of human judgment
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At blantyre m. S. C. A. Civil appeal no. 50 Of 2000At blantyre m. S. C. A. Civil appeal no. 50 Of 2000
This is an appeal against the Judgment of Mkandawire, J, sitting in the High Court in a matter that was brought by originating summons. The summons sought among other declarations the following declaration
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Meaning in Life and Why It MattersMeaning in Life and Why It Matters
Dualistic models hold that people are capable of being moved not only by self-interest, but by something ‘higher’ as well. Thus, Kant, for example, famously thought that in addition to being subject to inclinations
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Republic of South AfricaRepublic of South Africa
Sentence judgment delivered: 15 april 2013
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