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Against His-story, Against Leviathan!Against His-story, Against Leviathan!
Terri Finkel for their helpful suggestions and comments, to Millard Berry for donating darkroom supplies, to Steve Izma and friends at Dumont Press Graphix or lending their typesetting equipment
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Frontier 1ACFrontier 1AC
American society is crumbling, in utter shambles from its previous glory. We were once explorers, settlers. We used to stand for liberty and democracy. Now we have a stifling bureaucracy and everything on tv stinks
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Advanced Placement 12 Literature 25 March 2010Advanced Placement 12 Literature 25 March 2010
Party, whose ultimate objective is to contort data and information, contract human emotions, and annihilate rebellious behavior or thoughts
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We know now that unfortunaly it was not trueWe know now that unfortunaly it was not true
When I was a young boy, during ww2, I thought that after V. day, having re-established democracy, having defeated Hitler and having put and end to the physical destruction of the jewish world in Europe
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