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Anthropology in a post-colonial africa the survival debateAnthropology in a post-colonial africa the survival debate
In the end, the choice was made for African anthropologists by government funding for research and university posts. Anthropologists would, in fact, serve the research and teaching needs of the state
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Community Profile SavonaCommunity Profile Savona
Nestled on the west end of Kamloops Lake Savona is a thriving community with a rich history
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Chinua Achebe (1930-) in full Albert Chinualumogu AchebeChinua Achebe (1930-) in full Albert Chinualumogu Achebe
Western customs and values on traditional African society. Achebe's satire and his keen ear for spoken language have made him one of the most highly esteemed African writers in English. In 1990 Achebe was paralyzed from the waist down in a serious
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Chinua Achebe BiographyChinua Achebe Biography
He was educated at the University College of Ibadan, where he studied,, and
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What is history?What is history?
The first six volumes of his large-scale History of Soviet Russia has been published in Pelicans, including the Bolshevik Revolution, The Interregnum, and two volumes of Socialism in One Country
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An African VoiceAn African Voice
Chinua achebe, the author of one of the enduring works of modern african literature, sees postcolonial cultures taking shape story by story by Katie Bacon
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Farmville Prince Edward Historical Society P. O. Box 546 Farmville, Virginia 23901Farmville Prince Edward Historical Society P. O. Box 546 Farmville, Virginia 23901
The High Bridge Chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans extend an invitation to the members of the Farmville-Prince Edward Historical Society to attend a program on the Confederate submarine the H
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1 curriculum vitae1 curriculum vitae
Visiting Research Professor, National Chengchi University Taipei, Taiwan, Fall, 1983
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Mahatma GandhiMahatma Gandhi
He is so well known that he is mostly just referred to by the single names Gandhi or Bapu. He was one of the most famous freedom fighters in the history of mankind. He led India in its struggle for freedom against British rule
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