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\"Divided We Fall: America\"Divided We Fall: America's Two Civil Religions"
Adapted from Robert Wuthnow, "Divided We Fall: America's Two Civil Religions," The Christian Century, April 20, 1988; with additional material from Leroy S. Rouner, Mark Hamilton, James Davison Hunter, Karen Armstrong, and Les Hardy
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Processing the unplannableProcessing the unplannable
This issuepaper is intended to be a basis for a workshop within the framework presented by Infodrome, dealing with the theme of the "use of space in the information/communication age"
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The Politics of Recognition charles taylor\The Politics of Recognition charles taylor'
And the demand comes to the fore in a number of ways in today's politics, on behalf of minority or "subaltern" groups, in some forms of feminism, and in what is today called the politics of "multiculturalism."
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Teaching as a Matter of Love Anna Maria AiazziTeaching as a Matter of Love Anna Maria Aiazzi
These experiences allowed me to become conscious that teaching does not only mean taking care of learners’ cognitive development and physical well-being, which is fundamental but not sufficient: teaching is, above all, a matter of love
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