treatment process

Nominee\Nominee's achievements length of service to the Drug Court field: 10 years
Drug Court Program, based on respect and trust granted to them in order to reverse and change their life course, making them feel assisted with justice and dignity
32.68 Kb. 1
Appendix I to§ 100. 63 Classification of Permit ModificationAppendix I to§ 100. 63 Classification of Permit Modification
Equipment replacement or upgrading with functionally equivalent components
135.46 Kb. 1
Parent-Child Engagement, a co-Regulation ProcessParent-Child Engagement, a co-Regulation Process
The baby feels what the mother is feeling, so if the mother is nurtured and emotionally secure during the pregnancy it augurs well for her unborn child. At this stage the role of the father is to be both nurturing and protective towards his partner and
30.08 Kb. 1


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