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Grandma Says It’s Good to be SmartGrandma Says It’s Good to be Smart
No photo, but an autographed copy of this children’s book that highlights the good things about being, “smart.” The story is written from a child’s perspective
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Drexel University Management 450 5/21/2009Drexel University Management 450 5/21/2009
Alfred P. Sloan, ceo of the 1920s put it, gm makes “a car for every purse and purpose.”
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Peacekeeping intelligence: Emerging Concepts for the FuturePeacekeeping intelligence: Emerging Concepts for the Future
Based on their experience in Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia, the us military Intelligence community discerned the following imperatives for future peace support Information and Intelligence capability planning
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Rosalind Kelcourse October 2011Rosalind Kelcourse October 2011
Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes presents what is referred to as “methodical doubt.” The goal of this paper is to define and analyze Descartes’ methodical doubt, discuss what scholars think about his work
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Breaking Frontiers and Barriers in Engineering: Education, Research and PracticeBreaking Frontiers and Barriers in Engineering: Education, Research and Practice
Fourth laccei international Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology (laccet’2006)
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Castle hill historic site community committeeCastle hill historic site community committee
The conservation of Australia’s historic heritage is fundamental to the cultural understanding and identity of the current and future generations
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