symbolic dimension

Detailed Reading ListDetailed Reading List
I placed *’s next to some “required” items, but details about “required” reading will be given in class. The first section lists articles from a variety of sources, by topic. The second lists the contents of some of the edited collections
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HM46 – sexism in the humanities final examHM46 – sexism in the humanities final exam
Androcentrism implies putting men on center and confusing maleness with humanity
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Punishment and confinement in modern societyPunishment and confinement in modern society
United States in the post-Civil rights era and of of the widening of the “penal net” in other advanced societies after the breakup of the Keynesian-Fordist social compact
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Jussi LassilaJussi Lassila
Putin´s perestroika and our glasnost: Reading perestroika-era tension into the activity of the pro-Putin youth movements
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