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October 12, 1908. Benz & Cie had bought the 311,000-square-meter site back in 1906, and construction work based on plans drawn up by the architect Albert Speer began in 1907
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New Agriculturist Focus on /3 Focus on Alternative livelihoodsNew Agriculturist Focus on /3 Focus on Alternative livelihoods
Economic alternatives to opium in Afghanistan, coca in Peru, tobacco in Bangladesh, cotton in Mali and logging in Indonesia and the Amazon
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A history of the Republican PartyA history of the Republican Party
In its early days, the Republican party was viewed as very popular and for minority groups, but over time that view has completely switched. Why is this? Taking a look at recent history might give us an answer
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Political parties: 1820s to 1850sPolitical parties: 1820s to 1850s
Look at some highly effective political posters. Create a poster of your own for one of the (historical) political parties below. The poster should convey your party’s platform and persuade as many Americans as possible to vote for your party
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Panel Proposal: The Second Punic WarPanel Proposal: The Second Punic War
Mediterranean, as Polybius tells us. Avoiding the more standard topics like the battles of Cannae and Zama or the rise of Hellenism, this panel will examine four overlooked
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Edward Baines on the Mechanization of Spinning, 1835Edward Baines on the Mechanization of Spinning, 1835
John Kay, James Hargreaves, and Richard Arkwright. Edward Baines. History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain, 1835, 115 19, 121, 147 52, 153 6, 159 60, 163 4, 184, 197 9; in J. T. Ward, ed., The Factory System, Vol
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