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Edward martyn’s paths to irelandEdward martyn’s paths to ireland
Edward Martyn and the Irish Revival. Gwynn had been commissioned to write the memoir by Father Cyril Ryan, the Provincial of the Irish Carmelite
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Laura Townsend Prof. Christopher Roy, Wendy ParkerLaura Townsend Prof. Christopher Roy, Wendy Parker
The General makes a strong statement regarding the intertwining of power and social injustice during apartheid by depicting a brutal and mighty man tainted by decades of contributing to a poisonous government system
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Farewell to ManzanarFarewell to Manzanar
How were the families selected to go to the location camps and what happened to their property?
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Discussion Guide for man\Discussion Guide for man's search for meaning
Viktor Frankl's true account of his experiences at Nazi concentration camps during World War II and his insights into the question of meaning in life, collectively called Logotherapy
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Focus questionFocus question
Initial position. How would you answer this question based on what you know so far? What are major topics/categories to be considered
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